Top 5 Posts From 2020

At the end of every year, I love looking back and seeing which new posts got the most traffic and love from you guys! I have been rounding up my top posts every year in a post so it is easy for you to go back and see any that you might have missed, and I wanted to keep that up this year as well! Below are my top 5 posts from 2020, in chronological order!

Styling Leopard Flats in 2020 

This was one of my favorite outfit posts from last year, and it seems like you guys liked it too! Sometimes it can be tricky to style leopard, so I wanted to share an easy outfit option!

Favorite Places to Study In Grand Rapids

I posted this one just a few weeks before everything shut down, but it still got a lot of traffic! Definitely one to bookmark to come back to after corona if you live near Grand Rapids!

The Best Ice Cream in Grand Rapids

It is no secret I love ice cream and will find the best places near where I live. I wanted to document my favorite places in Grand Rapids before officially moving away, and I definitely still miss Jersey Junction’s toasted coconut ice cream!

10 Things I Only Own 1 Of

During quarantine I was inspired by some minimalist content I was reading, so I decided to create my own list of things that I only own one of. I never will be an actual minimalist since I love having options for clothes and decorating, but I still do try to cut the clutter where I can with unnecessary duplicates.

Small Apartment Balcony Inspiration

I shared this post because I feel like it has been hard to find fun inspiration for my small apartment balcony. I still love each of the images I shared in this post and can’t wait to slowly add more things to my balcony as I find them! I have been pinning a ton of house inspiration on Pinterest recently, so don’t forget to follow there as well!

That’s a wrap on my top 5 posts from 2020! I love that I was still able to make some fun content even during a crazy year, and I can’t wait to see what 2021 brings!

xo, Scarlett