101 IN 1001

Welcome to my 3rd 101 in 1001 list!

I started my first list as a senior in high school and now I am starting my third list as I am finishing one last internship and starting my job!

You can look back at my first list here or my second list here.

If you are unfamiliar with what this challenge is, you are basically choosing 101 things to complete in the next 1001 days. The tasks are supposed to be specific and measurable (i.e. “workout more” is not a good task), and they can be a mix of anything you want to accomplish over the next ~2.75 years. I prefer this over a yearly list because it gives you more than one season to complete specific tasks, but still gives you a deadline to avoid procrastination.

Start Date: June 27, 2020

End Date: March 25, 2023

Progress: 52/101


1. Get my Master’s Degree!

2. Get my CCC

3. Get a job I love

4. Re-complete Spanish duolingo

5. Learn 100 ASL signs

6. Watch 5 documentaries: 2/5 (Night Stalker), HH Holmes,

7. Watch 10 TedTalks (one, two)

8. Take a fun online class


9. Join a book club (virtual or in person)

10. Read 5 “classic” books (2/5- In Cold Blood, A Wrinkle in Time)

11. Read the Little House on the Prairie series through again (1/9)

12. Read 3 biographies (3/3- The Babysitter, Year of Yes, The Glass Castle)

13. Read 3 books related to Speech Pathology

14. Read 180 books total (157 as of 8/3/22)

15. Read 100 books in 1 year (2020)

16. Read the Bible in a year (2021)

17. Read Jane Eyre


18. Go to 1 new country

19. Visit 2 new states (1/2- Alaska)

20. Visit 5 new cities/towns 5/5 (Helen, GA; Asheville, NC; Hendersonville, NC; Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC)

21. Go on a trip with Doug

22. Visit a National Park (Kenai Fjords National Park)

23. Go on a girls trip

24. Visit a new zoo

25. Go on 5 hikes

26. Try Voodoo donuts (July 2020)

27. Try Crumbl cookies (July 2020)

28. Visit a friend who lives in a different state

29. Visit an aquarium

30. Stand in the Atlantic Ocean

31. See 10 waterfalls (10/10: Maxwell Falls, Lee Falls, Station Cove, Downtown Greenville, Issaqueena, Yellow Branch, Chau Ram, Twin Falls, Beech Bottom Falls, Waldrop Stone Falls, Chauga Narrows, Brasstown Falls, Sid’s Falls, Maxie Duke Falls)

32. Go to another hot air balloon show

33. Visit Charleston, SC


34. Paint something good enough to frame

35. Print and frame one of my own photos

36. Make a Colorado scrapbook

37. Make 3 new Youtube videos

38. Finish my 2020 one second a day video

39. Learn to crochet

40. Try punch needle

41. Write 10,000 words of a book

42. Write a letter to open at the end of the 1001 days.

43. Thrift flip a piece of clothing

44. Post 12 blog posts in 1 month

45. Learn calligraphy

46. Do 2 Pinterest DIY projects Burlap nightstand and bird collage art

47. Sew something

48. Embroider something

For Others:

49. Leave 100% tip for great service

50. Sponsor a child at CCCD

51. Donate to the Gem Foundation

52. Donate blood

53. Donate $1 for every failed task on this list to a cause I believe in

54. Donate voice to vocal ID

55. Send 20 cards (7/20)

56. Mail someone a care package


57. Decorate my entire apartment

58. Get a library card in my new town

59. Attempt to grow an herb

60. Get 3 new plants


61. Make a SC bucket list

62. Go to a baseball game (Braves game- 6.17.21)

63. Try a new food truck

64. Go to a pumpkin patch or corn maze

65. Go kayaking/paddle boating

66. Go to a new boba tea place (Teamoji)

67. Go to a concert NeedToBreathe, Johnnyswim x2

68. Go on a picnic

69. Go to a street festival (Fall For Greenville)

70. Visit 5 “new to me” coffee shops 

71. Try 5 “new to me” breakfast places (5/5)

72. Go to 10 “new to me” restaurants 

73. Celebrate 5 random holidays (i.e. national ice cream day) 2/5

74. Visit a farmers market

75. Host a breakfast/brunch

76. Go wine tasting with friends


77. Hit 10,000 steps every day for a week

78. Workout 5x/week for 1 month

79. Take 2 weeks off social media

80. Have a technology free weekend

81. Try one essential oil

82. 30 day yoga challenge

Life/ Miscellaneous:

83. Move to a new state

84. Find a church I love

85. Become involved at said church

86. Get up to date on MFM

87. Finish watching One Tree Hill (July 2020)

88. Finish watching Parks and Rec (October 2020)

89. Try 5 new dessert recipes (5/5)

90. Cook or bake my way through a cookbook

91. Attempt to make macarons

92. Pick berries and make something from them

93. Get 100 recipes in my recipe box

94. Make pretzels

95. Perfect my version of the Hopcat grilled cheese

96. Make beer cheese soup to go with said grilled cheese

97. Transfer anything important from my college email before it gets deleted

98. Vote in 2020 election

99. Make a budget

100. Pay back (amount private) of grad school debt

101. Write a new 101 in 1001 list before completing this one