The Best Ice Cream In Grand Rapids, MI


Summer is right around the corner, and you know what else is? Ice cream. Even though getting ice cream from your favorite place may look a bit different recently with drive thru or curbside pick up, it is still a fun treat! Today I wanted to share my favorite places in Grand Rapids to get ice cream. After living there almost 5 years, I have my tried and true favorites that I am sad to leave, but excited to share in this post!

1. Jersey Junction- 652 Croswell Ave SE, East Grand Rapids, MI 49506

This has been my go-to ice cream since freshman year, and I am so happy I was able to go to it one last time in early before COVID-19 began. It is so cute on the outside (hello, of course I would love a red ice cream parlor) and they serve Hudsonville Ice Cream, which is a West Michigan favorite. Personally my favorite is the toasted coconut (pictured above), but when I went this spring they also had a new s’mores flavor which was amazing. One of the best parts about Jersey Junction is that is it located in Gaslight Village, which is fun to walk around, and very close to Reeds lake. Usually when I would go here I would walk the 3-4 miles around the lake with friends and then get ice cream here after!

2. Captain Sundae (locations in Zeeland or Holland)

Okay so this isn’t in Grand Rapids, but it is close enough that you could choose to go, or stop in on your way to or from the beach. This picture was taken last year after my friends and I went to Tulip Time in Holland, and was my first Captain Sundae experience! They have SO many different sundaes to choose from, and I’m pretty sure they would all be good. I love how it is different than your typical scooped ice cream or soft serve!

3. Furniture City Creamery – 958 Cherry St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Furniture City makes their ice creams from scratch and always has new flavors rotating in. I never know quite what I will try, but I have never been disappointed with anything I have tried! They also have dairy free flavors, which is perfect if someone in your group is dairy free!


4. Village Cone Shop- Breton Village Shopping Center, 1810 Breton Rd SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Village Cone Shop brings back memories of last spring for me since my housemate and I went there often. Maybe too often, but we lived close by and their soft serve is great. Personally I would recommend their soft serve over their hard ice cream and would choose a place like Jersey Junction if you want scoops! But Village Cone Shop also has Dole Whips, which I know a few of my friends loved getting when we went.

5. Love’s -435 Ionia Ave SW stall 106, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

I don’t have a good picture from Love’s, but they are located in the Downtown Market, which is always fun to visit and browse. They also make their ice cream from scratch and have many different options such as dairy free or gluten free. They also have some really unique flavors if you need some variety! Checkout their Instagram to see some examples of what they have!

6. Woody’s Cone Stop- 700 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49548

Woody’s is a place I didn’t try until this past year, but once I went once I was constantly getting friends to go. Driving by you wouldn’t think it was anything special, but they have SO many different combinations you can try! My go-to orders were a chocolate/vanilla twist cone or a chocolate malt. They have fast service, cheaper prices (think $2 or $3 instead of $5 or $6), and bigger portions. If you’re looking for a picture worthy place, this isn’t it. In fact, there isn’t even really a place to sit. But if you want some good ice cream and don’t want to spend a lot, I would definitely recommend!

So if you find yourself in Grand Rapids sometime after COVID-19 is over, make your way to one of these 6 places for a sweet treat.  Comment below if you have tried any of these places or if there is a place I missed that you would add!

xo, Scarlett

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