How To Spend A Day In Chicago: Summer 2019

In August I went to spend the day in Chicago to visit one of my good friends who moved there for grad school! I wasn’t planning on going up to Chicago in summer 2019 since I just went up last spring, but I just had to visit her! It was fun to explore with her since she knew a few fun places that I hadn’t been to before! You can see my previous Chicago posts from 2014 here, 2016 here, and spring 2019 here!

First we went to Revival Food Hall for lunch since it was near the train station and has lots of different options. We splits a pork sandwich from the BBQ place and guacamole from Antique Taco!

Then we popped over to Magnolia Bakery, which is always a favorite of mine! She had actually never been to the Chicago location, but it never disappoints! We split a chocolate cheesecake, which was delicious!

Then we wandered around for a bit before heading up to Hampton Social. If you frequent Instagram, I am sure you have seen countless pictures of the Rosé All Day neon sign. But what I hadn’t realized was how cute the rest of the place was! I loved the nautical theme, and even the bathrooms were cute! We both got the frosé since we were a little hot from walking, and it was really good! We also went at like 3pm, which honestly I would recommend because there was barely anyone there!


After this we wandered a bit more, ended up in some other food hall but didn’t get anything, and then ended up at a French market. The macarons were tempting, but again we just walked around and didn’t actually buy anything.

We ended the day at Three Dots and A Dash, which is apparently very popular amongst those in Chicago! It is a speakeasy tiki bar, and my friend said we had to go just for the experience. She described it as a theme park, but a bar, which is pretty accurate since they go ALL OUT. It is very dark, so it was hard to get pictures, but here is one I posted to my Instagram story that shows the skull wall and the drink we got that had a toasted marshmallow. We may or may not have gotten it just for the toasted marshmallow.

After this we walked back to the train station where we both caught our trains home! It is always fun to take a day trip to Chicago, and it was even more fun now that it is one of my bffs new home!

how to spend a day in Chicago

Do you have anything you love to do during a day in Chicago? I am sure I will be heading back sometime soon to visit her again, so I would love to hear any recommendations in the comments!

xo, Scarlett