Sit Down With Scarlett: Summer 2019 Life Update

graduation life update summer 2019

I cannot believe it has been 3 months already since my last life update post, but when I was coming up with a post idea for this week I realized quite a lot has happened since my last SDWS post! So to kick off summer 2019, I wanted to share a life update!

The main thing as you can see from the picture above: I graduated undergrad officially! This past year I was a senior and a first year grad student at the same time, so it is really nice to be officially done with undergrad and be solely a grad student now! 4 years down, 1 to go.

I am taking 4 classes over the summer and will have 4 clients starting next week as well! I am really excited because I am working with ages and diagnoses that I do not have much experience with yet, so it should be a great summer session! So far it has been kind of annoying to be in class almost every day and it really doesn’t feel like summer still, but it has still been good nonetheless.

I also finally secured a fall internship! I will be in an outpatient setting and work with both adults and peds, so I am very excited about starting that in a few months! Now onto trying to get an internship for next summer since I want to go to a new state…

ice cream

I also moved at the beginning of June, which required lots of ice cream 😉

I really like my new house and I am living with 3 new housemates which has been an adjustment, but a good one! The previous 4 years I have lived with my freshman year roommate, so it has been kind of weird not living with her anymore! But she got married this past Saturday and I am so happy for her! And she is not moving out of town, so I know I will still see her a lot which is fun!

Anyways, moving went well besides not having wifi for the first 4ish days… which when you are in summer classes and a blogger is not ideal! Though I did get quite a bit of reading in during that time because I had nothing else to do to unwind at night!

flowers in tree blooming

I have also taken up walking a bit more since it has gotten nicer out. In May when all the flowers were out one of my housemates and I took quite a few walks together around our neighborhood! By the end of the month I had a good 4 mile loop around that I would go on while talking on the phone with friends or listening to a podcast. But now that I moved I have had to figure out the streets in my new neighborhood, which has been a fun change!

blueberry breakfast bake

I also tried a few new recipes the past few months, which has been a goal of mine! I had some friends over a brunch one Saturday in May and I tried this blueberry breakfast cake recipe! It was so delicious and definitely a keeper!

I am also crossing things off my 101 in 1001 list and am over halfway officially! In May I got to cross of going to Tulip Time, and I wrote a whole post about it here!

cat laying in bed

When my parents were up helping me move, we did a little Grand Rapids tour of some of my favorite places and tried a few places I had yet to make it to. My mom and I went to the Happy Cat Cafe while we were downtown, and we found a cat named Niles that could be my cat Kiki’s twin! They looked sooo similar and Niles was so sweet too!

sunset picture

Anddd even more ice cream trips with friends! Pretty sunsets after 9pm and lots of ice cream have made it finally start to feel like summer a bit more, but I am excited for it to get even warmer out!

Here’s to a good summer!

xo, Scarlett