Holland Tulips Photo Diary

Last Wednesday a few friends and I decided to make the short drive to Holland to look at the tulips. I have already shared a few of the pictures on my Instagram, but I wanted to do a post about it to share a little more. I have wanted to go pretty much every year since moving to Michigan, but the actual Tulip Time event always falls right before and during finals. This year I planned to go the day after my finals in hopes that the tulips would still be alive and pretty, and luckily they were! It was actually a great time to go because there were hardly any people there which made pictures a lot more fun! And I was happy to be able to check this off my 101 in 1001 list!



I would highly recommend visiting the Holland tulips in early May if you are ever in Michigan then! It was so much fun to walk around in the flowers and go up in the windmill. I had no idea they actually still made grain in the windmill, so that was also interesting to hear about. The view from the top of the windmill was also so pretty! The rows of tulips looked so small from up there. And of course downtown Holland was fun to go to afterwards and a trip to Captain Sundae was necessary on the way out of town 😉 I am excited to stay in Michigan and explore more of these unique towns and events this summer when I am not in class!


Have you ever been to tulip fields before? I know they have them in other states in the US and some countries in Europe do too! Tell me in the comments below if you have been or if it is on your bucket list!

xo, Scarlett