Sunday Night Routine: Summer 2019

Hey friends! With summer finally arriving, I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse into what a typical Sunday night looks like for me and what I incorporate into my Sunday night routine. It obviously varies a bit depending on what I have going on, but for the most part I try to do certain things on Sunday night to set myself up for success for the upcoming week.

5:00- Make Dinner

On Sunday nights, I try to make a larger batch of food that will last me 3-4 meals so I don’t have to cook again until Wednesday or Thursday. I do this because with school and clinic my weeknights are often busier and if I don’t get home until 5 or 6 I don’t want to have to cook then as well.

6:00 – Finish up any work

I usually take a little time after dinner to finish up anything pressing that I didn’t finish earlier in the weekend. I try to get this all done by 7 or 8 so I can have a little time to relax and do things I enjoy before bed.

7:30- Write out my weekly schedule

One thing I do on Sunday nights that helps me stay on track during the week is writing out my schedule. I look at my planner and see what I have due, what appointments or meetings I have, and any social things too. I then mark them all down on a separately weekly calendar sheet and then add in any additional thing I need to do on a specific day.

7:45- Go for a walk

Since it is like out later, I have been trying to go for more walks at the end of the day. It is a great excuse to catch up on a recent podcast, call a friend, or just walk and enjoy the nice weather!

8:30- Clean up room

Another thing I do on Sundays is do a quick clean up of my room so I don’t want to worry about that as much when I am busier during the week.

8:45- Blog work

If I have any last minute tweaks for the post going up the following morning, or if I want to start writing a new post, I tend to do it on Sunday nights.

9:15- Shower, wash face, moisturize, brush teeth, etc.

I am not going to go into my full “routine” mainly because I am not one who has a 10 step skincare regimen. I will say that I love using coconut oil to remove any makeup I may have had on because it removes it really well while also moisturizing my skin, which is great!

10:00- Read before bed

Especially in the summer when I have been having a bit more time to dive into books, I have been trying to get in the habit of reading before bed rather than watching Youtube videos or just scrolling through Instagram. I typically read anywhere from 15-60 minutes before bed, and on Sunday nights it usually is on the longer side!

11:00 – Bedtime!



Do you have a Sunday night routine? What is one thing you always do to start off your week right? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Scarlett