Sit Down With Scarlett: Life Update 12.14.20

It has been almost 6 months since my last life update post, so I felt like this one was long overdue.

I officially moved to South Carolina since my last update! The move itself was far from ideal, from car problems, to Chester getting sick as soon as we arrived, to basically every appliance in my apartment being broken when I moved it (I wish I was kidding but the microwave is the only one that hasn’t had to be replaced). But luckily once I got settled, I have really enjoyed living here! I really like my job (and just signed my contract for next year!) and I like living in the upstate area near Greenville. One of my favorite things about the area has been exploring a bunch of different waterfalls!

Though sometimes this is what it looks like to get to a waterfall!

I have also loved exploring Greenville more! I’ve already found some great ice cream places and a cool bookstore, so I would say it has been successful!

One of the parts about working in a school that I love is that I can get really creative with therapy and do seasonal activities too. I especially love incorporating fun books into therapy since I can target almost any goal with a single book, and you can find some fun ones! This was one I did back in October!

And of course another fun part of working in the schools is creating fun bulletin boards! This is what one of the ones I have looks like! I am super lucky and at my home base school where I am at most of the week I have a really big and nice room. It also game with a ton of games and therapy materials already, which was great since I didn’t start out with much! The most recent fun addition has been a new interactive panel that I can connect to my laptop to do online games and activities with the kids!

This picture is an accurate representation of what a lot of my evenings look like! I have loved having Chester and Kiki with me, and they adapted so quickly to the move, which was also a relief! I have made a few good friends since moving here which of course is great, but it has definitely been more difficult to make friends during a pandemic! Luckily there are quite a few SLPs in the school district around my age, so I have been able to meet and hangout with some of them.


Last week I also reached my goal of reading 100 books this year! Technically my goal was 90, but deep down I was hoping to make it to 100! If it hadn’t been for quarantine last spring I don’t think I would’ve made it, so at least some good things came out of that!

I’ve also been doing a ton of thrifting since I got here to help fill up my apartment! It has been fun to hunt for furniture and decorations. This picture was taken a few weeks ago when I was searching for some Christmas decorations! I have been sharing on Instagram and I also have uploaded a few thrift hauls on Youtube too, so be sure to check those out if you are into thrifting as well!


That is all the updates for now! This is my last week at school and then I head back to Illinois next weekend for Christmas, which I am looking forward to! I am excited to have this break to create some new content and just relax as well!

xo, Scarlett