Wooden Bead Christmas Garland DIY

It feels a little early to be doing my first Christmas post of the season, but I know quite a few people have started decorating already! While I did make this garland already, it won’t actually be hung up for a few more weeks. Maybe by then I will be more in the Christmas spirit, though with the warm weather in South Carolina I am not sure that will be the case!

A few weekends ago I was thrifting and found this bag of gold and green glitter snow flakes. I am assuming they are meant to be ornaments, but I knew I could get creative and use them in a different way. I looked around Pinterest for some inspiration and found lots of Christmas garlands that were made with these wooden beads. I already had twine and paints, so all I needed were the beads to create it! Love a cheap and easy DIY!

What you need:

  • wooden beads
  • string
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • tape
  • snowflakes or other ornaments

To paint the beads, I taped a string across a box and painted the beads so they would dry more evenly. Overall it worked pretty well, though I did end up with quite a bit of paint on my hands from moving the beads around. I did 2 coats of each color and felt that was enough!

When painting the beads, I just had a similar number for each color but didn’t worry about having the same number of each size for each color. Once I was stringing them, I just tried to vary the sizes as I went so there wouldn’t be a cluster of 3 or 4 of the same size in a row.

And this is the final product! I am not sure where I will put it yet, but I think it will add a fun festive touch to my space! I spent around $5 total on the supplies since I was able to thrift the snow flakes for $1 and then I just had to buy some wooden beads. If I had planned ahead, I probably could’ve found some of these wooden beads at at thrift store and made it for even cheaper, but once I had the idea I didn’t want to wait a few weeks to see if I could find them.

Tell me in the comments if you have started decorating for Christmas yet or if you are waiting for Thanksgiving to be over before you do! And click here to see the thrifted Christmas decor I made last year!

xo, Scarlett