Sit Down With Scarlett: I Have a Job!

graduation picture with cat

It has been a few months since I have done a life update post, and between corona and graduating, a lot has happened! To catch you all up, I wanted today’s post to be a little summer 2020 life update!

First off, I graduated in May! Well, technically I was just supposed to walk and I don’t officially graduate until August 1st and I am finished with my last internship. Didn’t expect to take graduation pictures with Chester… but that’s 2020 for ya!

I also still moved out to Colorado for the summer at the end of May! The irony that I didn’t share on the blog about that until my last update post… on March 9… just days before everything got shut down. It was up in the air for a while, and I didn’t know until May if I would be coming out to Colorado or not, but luckily my internship wasn’t cancelled! There were many people in my cohort who had to change internships or were left without one at all, so I was very grateful that wasn’t the case for me. I am only here in Colorado for 7 weeks, so it is already halfway over, but it has been so fun to be in a new place. Especially with things still shut down more in Illinois, it was great to move out to Colorado where things were more open and where there are plenty of outdoor things to do! I am planning on doing some Colorado posts soon to recap what I have been doing while here, so stay tuned!

As far as my internship goes, it has been all teletherapy, but it has been a lot more fun and relaxed than doing teletherapy through my college (which was what I did in April). I honestly don’t mind doing it, and it has saved me from driving all over the Denver area as I was supposed to be doing home care in client’s houses! In July I might start going into a few houses for the last few weeks, but it is still so up in the air with everything going on.

I mentioned in my last life update post I had to take comprehensive exams at my school and take the Praxis (which is a nationwide test all SLPs have to pass). Little did I know then what that would actually end up looking like! I ended up doing online comps with the oral portion being over video, which was really odd! But kind of less pressure to be able to do it at home without other people around. And then I rescheduled my Praxis 3 times before I finally was able to take it online at home at the end of May right before moving to Colorado. The logistics of that were an added headache, but luckily I passed both and never have to take another test again!!!

I also hinted in my last post that I had a job but didn’t want to share where yet because I didn’t want to jinx it. Ha. Well luckily everything is still going according to plan with that, and at the end of July I will be moving out to South Carolina to work in a school there! I am so excited to be working with elementary age kids and actually start being a real SLP! I am also excited to move to yet another new place and explore a new area. I’ve been pinning a lot of apartment decor inspiration and can’t wait to have a space of my own! And I am SO EXCITED to finally have pets again after living in houses in college where I couldn’t have a pet.

I think that about covers everything you need to know for this summer 2020 life update! If you live in South Carolina (or North Carolina or Georgia!) give me any recommendations on things to do or places to visit! All this traveling around Colorado the past few weeks has made me really excited to see new places in SC and surrounding areas this fall!

xo, Scarlett