Thrift Flip: Buffalo Check Christmas Decor

Back in November, I was at a few thrift stores trying to find a black fleece zip up to wear to my internship. I had success with that, but I also found this cute little buffalo check print frame for $2! I really felt like it had potential to turn into a new piece of decor, so I bought it and began brainstorming. By itself it is okay, but I really felt I could make it even cuter, and turn it into some buffalo check christmas decor!

I only have a few Christmas decorations for my room, so I knew this frame would be a fun addition if I could turn it into something cute. I decided to tie a string around the frame, write “joy to the world” on a piece of paper, and use a tiny clothespin to attach it. It was really easy because I already had all the materials I needed, and it only took a few minutes to write it out! I love how simple yet cute it looks with a few other Christmas decorations, and it will be easy to repurpose in the future if I get tired of it.

I mentioned this on Instagram recently, but since I am moving next summer, I am trying not to buy many new things and am getting rid of stuff I have that I don’t use much anymore. That means that even though I enjoy decorating for Christmas, I restrained myself from buying much since I know that will just be more to move. However like I mentioned, I can repurpose this into other decor if I want, it is pretty small so it won’t be hard to move or break if I do decide to keep it. Or if I decide I am over it completely, I can just re-donate it back to a thrift store since I only paid $2 for it!

If you want to recreate this buffalo check Christmas decor, I think you could find a picture frame from your thrift store and then buy a piece of scrapbook paper with this buffalo check print, or another Christmas print to add in! Then you will just need any type of string, a tiny clothespin (you can buy a small pack at most craft stores for just a couple bucks!), and a notecard to write on.

Merry Christmas and happy decorating!

xo, Scarlett

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