Quarantine Favorites

This week is my 5th week of staying at home, so by this point I have accumulated some favorite things or activities that I wanted to share! If you have some extra time this week or are feeling a little bored, I wanted to give some inspiration for a few new things you could try!


Sadly I left my watercolors at my house in Michigan (along with basically all my craft supplies) since I thought I would be back in early April. Clearly that hasn’t happened, and I haven’t wanted to order any new supplies when I have them, just not with me. But we found some old acrylic paints in a closet recently, so on Easter I tried my hand at recreating a few things I saw on Pinterest. I actually love how they all turned out, and I am sure I will be painting more in the coming weeks as I have some extra time on my hands.

P.S. I think the last time I used acrylics was to paint this globe


I’m not a huge TV/movie person in general and can easily go a week or two without watching anything during the school year, but clearly with quarantine I have been having more time to watch! I have been FaceTiming one of my friends and watching Little Fires Everywhere together, which has been so fun! We both had read the book and we watched Big Little Lies together last year when we lived together, so it has been fun to watch another show with Reese in it!

I also have been continuing to watch One Tree Hill with one of my other friends. We watch it separately but then FaceTime for each season finale, or if we happen to be at the same place mid-season we occasionally watch more together too. I definitely recommend watching a show with a friend during this time to keep up with each other and have more excuses to FaceTime!


I am very thankful for my Kindle and books through Libby during this time when we can’t actually go to the library in person! I have been reading so much during quarantine, and I am quickly making my way to my 2020 reading goal! One book I have read and loved so far this month is Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle, and would definitely recommend if you want a good thriller!


If you haven’t been getting out of your house and walking during quarantine, you need to start. Some days I have been going on 2 walks a day, and it is definitely keeping me sane. It is the perfect way to move and chat with friends or family, listen to some new songs, or play a podcast. This is also a great time to check out some parks or walking trails near you if they are still open!


Between my mom and me, there has been a lot of baking going on during the past few weeks. One of my favorite new recipes we tried was this Coconut Chocolate Blondie recipe! It may not be the prettiest, but it was delicious!


What is something you have bought or something you have been doing a lot of during quarantine? Tell me in the comments!

xo, Scarlett