How To Spend a Day In St. Louis

At the end of August, while I was back home in Illinois, I went on a day trip to St. Louis with 2 of my good friends from high school. We mainly went to go to the zoo, since it is free and overall a good zoo, but it was also fun because we got to spend a few hours with our other friend who goes to school in STL now! Today I wanted to put together a post of what we did in case you find yourself spending a day in St. Louis. You can see my last trip to STL in this post!

First we went to The Boathouse for lunch. If you look at my last post, we had went there the last time, and my friend and I both agreed we remembered it being better. The food was still good and the patio view of the lake is great, and it is within walking distance of the zoo which is super convenient.

Next we headed to the zoo, where we stopped in at the butterfly house first! I love watching the butterflies, and there were so many pretty ones flying around.

Then we walked around the zoo looking at all the animals. I took pictures of some of my favorites that were out! The weather wasn’t too hot, which was a miracle for August in the midwest haha. But quite a few of the animals were still sleeping!

After the zoo we headed over to Mission Taco Joint because our friend in St. Louis recommended it. We weren’t super hungry since we had a big lunch, but still managed to squeeze in some tacos and chips. I got the Grilled Chicken taco (Grilled chipotle chicken, chile de arbol salsa, grilled pineapple pico, and crispy onions), and I was surprised at how much I liked it (second from the top in the picture)! The grilled pineapple pico is what made me order it, and it was a great addition to the taco.

Then we headed down the street to The Baked Bear because I had gone to the one in San Diego and loved it. I am happy to say that this lived up to my memory of it, and I think I converted both of my friends into fans too. I got the s’mores cookies with toasted s’mores ice cream and it was SO GOOD. Now if I could just get them to open one up in Grand Rapids…

And to finish this post, I wanted to include that if it is your first trip in STL, I highly recommend visiting the arch! You can go up in it if you choose, but it is also really cool to just walk underneath it and see how big it really is from up close!

how to spend a day in St. Louis


Have you spent a day in St. Louis before? What is one thing you recommend if you have, or one thing you would do if you get the chance to visit? Tell me in the comments below!

xo, Scarlett