San Diego Photo Diary (SeaWorld & Beach)

For 4th of July week, my family and I traveled out to San Diego! I had never been to California before, so it was really cool to get to see it for myself! We also went to SeaWorld and the zoo while we were there, so I wanted to do a few posts to share some of my favorite pictures from the trip! 

The dolphins were so cute and even were jumping out of the water at times!

 I had never seen seen orcas before, so getting to see them in person was really fun.

Loved this little guy! He was literally waving at people who had food, most likely hoping they would throw him some!

The back of our AirBNB had a cute little lemon tree! 

We went to a park overlooking the beach in Pacific Beach to watch the sunset every night but one! Each night was different so I got some cool pictures! I also caught a cute little four legged photobomber one night. 🙂

The very last night we were there we saw dolphins in the distance as the sunset too! Super blurry since they were so far away, but I had to get a picture to document it! 

The beach looks pretty empty from these pictures but in reality it was packed, especially on the 4th! 

The last day there we went to the beach in the morning to collect a few shells. We ended up finding quite a few neat ones! 

There were also these tiny butterfly shells everywhere on the beach in a rainbow of colors! 

If you ever go to Pacific Beach you have to try The Baked Bear! You can choose from many flavors of cookies and ice cream to make your perfect ice cream sandwich. They had a salted caramel ice cream that was DELICIOUS with a brownie!

Brick & Bell scones were another favorite with my family! This is the chocolate chip and apple cinnamon. Both were good, but in my opinion the apple cinnamon didn’t have enough apples in it. So when I went back next time I got a chocolate chip and a maple glazed one that I like better! It also was just a really cute place that had lots of outdoor seating.

We also tried Luigi’s Gelateria on the last night because we had seen it earlier in the week but it was closed on that day. It did not disappoint! The coconut gelato may have been the best coconut ice cream/gelato I have ever had, and it was delicious paired with chocolate!

We also had breakfast at Kono’s one day. I got the french toast and bacon, and while it was good it wasn’t as good as people had been saying. The french toast was tasty, but not any better than french toast at other places and does not been the french toast at Marie Catrib’s in Grand Rapids! I think what made it really good was the fact that they had outdoor seating overlooking the beach!

Since we already have enough pictures in this post, I am saving all the zoo pictures for tomorrow post! So come back tomorrow to see what all we saw there and see a few of the reasons why I thought the San Diego Zoo was one of the best zoos I have been to!

xo, Scarlett