How to Wear a White Denim Skirt in the Fall

I’m back again today with another outfit that can transition you from summer into fall! While some argue you have to put white away after labor day, I am all for wearing the pieces you have. Obviously denim skirts have been popular during the spring and summer, but a white denim skirt in the fall is a great choice as well!


Please note all the goats in the background 😉


skirts: Forever 21 | top: TJ Maxx | cardigan: H&M | shoes: Birkenstock | Sunglasses: Shein | Earrings: Shein


How adorable was this cat that was at the orchard?! He was the sweetest little thing and had the cutest face. Of course, after a few pictures he got a little feisty too and wanted to play! Glad to see I’m not the only one who loves these sunglasses…

Back to the outfit, I love how a white denim skirt looks paired with a burnt orange top or other fall colored pieces. It is also so basic that you can pair it with gingham or plaid for a cute fall look too! Denim skirts in general are a great transition piece when it is just slightly cool outside, but not cold yet! I love how you can still play with some light layers on top, like this thin cardigan, but the skirt ensures you won’t get too hot if it is a warmer fall day! They are also easy to dress up a bit more, or just throw on with a t-shirt if you need a casual outfit but don’t want to wear jeans yet again.

For a better look at this top, checkout this post from last summer! I love sharing how I pair one piece different ways, and this top is a great example of a versatile piece that I wear during every season. I love the subtle detail of this top due to the cutouts, but it is subtle enough that it still pairs with many different cardigans and bottoms. Clearly, you don’t have to have a closet full of hundreds of different pieces to create fun and cute outfits. Like I have mentioned before, just adding a different pair of statement earrings or a cardigan can make it look like a completely different outfit. Shein or Forever 21 are my go-to for fun statement earrings that I will probably only wear for a year or two. For earrings that are more classic and can be worn everyday, I would steer towards a bit nicer ones that will last for years.

Do you wear white after Labor Day? How do you style a white denim skirt in the fall?  Tell me in the comments below!

xo, Scarlett