Favorite Studying Music


With finals season quickly approaching, I thought this would be the perfect time to share my favorite studying music with you guys! I asked on social media at the beginning of the month if this was something you guys would even be interested in reading since I usually don’t do music posts, but everyone said yes!

Let me start off by saying I tend to like more indie or folk music while studying. Overall pretty calm, but not as calm as just instrumental music. The artists and songs I am about to share about are what I pretty much always have on in the background on evenings or weekends when I am at home cranking out treatment plans or going through quizlets.


Vance Joy: His 2014 album has been one of my go-to homework albums for years, and I was excited when he released more stuff last year. His music is a bit more upbeat than some of my other choices, but it still has that indie or folk feel that I like to have on in the background.

Favorite Songs: Georgia , Mess Is Mine


Johnnyswim: Last spring I discovered them for the first time and they are probably one of my most played artists this year. I went to their concert back at the beginning of September only knowing a few songs, and I left knowing I would be playing them on repeat for weeks. Georgica Pond is probably my favorite album for studying, and Annie is one of my all time favorite songs now, but I really just like all of their music!

Favorite Songs: Annie, Georgica Pond, In My Arms, First Try


Hozier: I found Hozier freshman or sophomore year and have had Cherry Wine on my study playlist for years, but his latest album has been one of my go-tos this spring!

Favorite Songs: Cherry Wine, Would That I, Wasteland, Baby! 


Andrew Belle: I’ve just recently discovered Andrew Belle, but I have loved his songs so far! His album Black Bear from 2013 has been a great one to have one while doing homework or studying, but his more recent one is also good!

Favorite Songs: Dark Matter, The Enemy


The Head and the Heart: I discovered them the summer before college and have lots of memories studying to their 2016 album in the library sophomore year. I even used one of their songs in a music project sophomore year because it was one of the only songs my assigned partner and I could agree on (gotta love those group projects! Not…).

Favorite Songs: Down In The Valley, Honeybee, Library Magic


The Lumineers: Whenever I think of the Lumineers I think of my trip to Spain since “Ho Hey” was played constantly on the radio while we were there driving around. And since then I have enjoyed their music as background music for homework too! I definitely went through a phase last spring where I only listened to their 2016 album, Cleopatra, while studying lol.

Favorite Songs: Submarine, Angela,  Cleopatra


In addition to these artists, I am share 10 songs from miscellaneous artists that I have found and also have on my studying playlist.

  1. The Story I Heard by Blind Pilot
  2. The Darkest Shade of Blue by Young the Giant
  3. Howling by Wild Rivers
  4. thinking 2 much by Jeremy Zucker
  5. She Burns by Foy Vance
  6. Saw You In a Dream by The Japanese House
  7. Chin Up by Yoke Lore
  8. The Stable Song by Gregory Alan Isakov
  9. Colour Me by Juke Ross
  10. Death with Dignity by Sufjan Stevens

Do you have a favorite genre or artist you listen to while studying? Or do you prefer working in silence? Tell me in the comments below!

xo, Scarlett