Day in My Life: Monday in Spring 2019

Every semester I enjoy doing a day in my life post because it is so easy to forget what a typical day for me was like a year or two ago, so they are fun for me to look back at! But I know many of you had said you also enjoy getting a glimpse into my day to day life outside of blogging, so I wanted to do one for spring 2019 too! If you want to see what a typical day looked like last fall, click here!

For me, spring semester is very similar to last fall except I have 5 classes instead of 4, and I have 3 individual clients and one group rather than 4 individual clients. My Monday mornings are my only day to sleep in, if you could 8:15 sleeping in 😉

I wake up and get ready for the day. I then make the quick drive to school and get there around 9:15 because I usually need to prep for my session. I then have my client, who is 6 and has expressive language delays, at 10am.

Just trying to be a cool clinician and use holiday related materials. 😉

Our sessions last 50 minutes, so I am putting things away and done by 11. I then sit up in our graduate room and write out my SOAP note from the session, which is  just a recap of what happened and all the data from the session. I then finish that and log my hour into our tracking system before meeting with my clinical instructor to go over the session at 11:20.

Then I have a break from 11:40 after my meeting until class at 1:30. I usually just stay up in the clinic working on homework or studying because it is easier than driving home and coming back. Sometimes I plan meetings during this time, or a few weeks ago I even had an interview during this break.

Then at 1:30 I have my language disorders class for school-aged children. It has been interesting to be in this class as I am treating a school-aged child, and the information I am learning will be extremely beneficial if I decide to work in a school setting after grad school.

We are done with class at 2:45 and then I get a 30 minute break before my next class at 3:15. You already know this break includes a snack, and usually some last minute printing of an assignment I have to turn in at the beginning of class.

From 3:15-6pm I am in my capstone class, which is a class all senior speech pathology majors have to take before graduating. If you’re new to the blog, I am in an accelerated 5 year program, so technically I am still in grad school and understand both this year. Once I graduate in May I will officially be in graduate school completely, though I am not necessarily looking forward to that because that includes the grad school price tag lol.

After class, I am usually dead. Nothing takes it out of you like a 3 hour class discussing ethics, right? After the first few classes of the semester, one of my housemates (who is also in that class) and I decided to go on “mondates” after class most Mondays. Usually that means grabbing dinner right after class, usually wherever we have a coupon to because we are cheap lol. But occasionally we will go grab dessert or something instead. If we do dinner, sometimes we also come home and take a 30ish minute walk around our neighborhood after since it is finally warm enough outside and I am sick of sitting in the same building all day.

After all that, it is usually around 8 or 8:30. Usually I get most of my work done over the weekend and during any gaps earlier in the day so I don’t have much to do on Monday nights since I am tired and don’t have much time. I will usually tackle 1-2 school things before calling it a night around 10. Then I get ready for bed and read for a bit before falling asleep!

Luckily not every day includes sitting in class as long as Monday does. My Thursdays I am also at school until 5:30ish, but my entire afternoon is with clients or meetings, which is SO much better than class!

And that’s a Monday in my life in spring 2019! Each week looks slightly different, but overall pretty similar!

xo, Scarlett