Where To Go Thrifting Online & Tips

Thrift stores are finally starting to open back up, but I know a lot of people are still hesitant about going in them. After not being in a thrift store since early March, I was excited to finally be back in one last week to browse for a bit! But I also found some really fun places to go thrifting online during quarantine, and am still checking those places to make sure there aren’t any great pieces I am missing! Today I wanted to share some of my favorites, such as I where I bought the adorable orange dress pictured above!

My Sisters Closet Thrift

I have shared about them on Instagram before, but I have loved following their page for about a year now! The owner, Lauren, seems so nice and genuine, and shares lots of tips on the page as well! While they do have an actual shop in Michigan that will be reopening this week, they also do sell online, which is great if you don’t live in the area. I got this dress for about $15, and it still had the original tag! I will definitely be thrifting online from them in the future if I find more pieces I love.

Style Encore

I am 99% sure this is a chain so you might have one located near you, however the only one I have seen is the one in Grand Rapids. During quarantine they started selling items online, and I have been very tempted a few times to buy things. They have very reasonable prices, however sometimes the website pictures aren’t super clear and you can’t zoom in to see the pattern of anything up close. They do share on Instagram pieces that are for sale on the website too, which is how I have found some of the pieces I liked! It is a bit hard to navigate their website if you are just browsing because it is hard to narrow down your search, but you can narrow by type of item and size which is helpful!

@jmedecor on Instagram

This is a very random addition and one that I couldn’t even tell you how I originally found. But I have loved following Jamie throughout quarantine and seeing the items she has sold. She does story sales usually, and has home decor or clothing depending on the sale. She also has been donating a lot of the money she has made through these sales, which always makes buying items a bit more fun! She has a lot of cute stuff for a great price, but a lot of people have caught on, which means you have to be fast to snatch the best stuff. I have yet to buy anything, but I still would recommend checking the sales out!

Secondhand Style Boxes

Another Instagram find from living in West Michigan! Rachel is an amazing thrifter and I have loved following her on Instagram, but about a year ago she started Second Hand Style Boxes. This is a GREAT alternative if you want to shop second hand but hate digging through lots of mediocre pieces to find one good piece. Rachel curates a box of 3 or 5 pieces for you after you fill out a style profile, and ships it directly to you! This isn’t something I have tried since I enjoy actually looking for pieces myself, but I have seen lots of people raving about her boxes and would recommend if this type of second hand shopping interests you!


I have yet to actually buy anything from Thredup, however during quarantine I was on it a few different times searching for pieces and figuring out how to navigate it. I feel like I always see people talking about Poshmark or Thredup, but whenever I got on before I never saw any cute pieces within a few minutes. I like the idea of Thredup because they inspect all of the pieces and list them rather than individual people doing it like on Poshmark, so I feel like theoretically you should get better quality pieces without stains or holes. Here are a few tips to use Thredup to actually find good pieces in your size:

1. Set your sizes so it narrows down pieces and you don’t fall in love with a piece that is too big or too small!

2. Use filters to be as specific as you can be with what you want

3. Know your brands- search specifically for your favorite higher end brands!


Let me know if you have had any luck thrifting online during quarantine and where your favorite place to shop is! And if you want to read more thrifting related content, click here!

xo, Scarlett