Sit Down With Scarlett: I’m Moving To…

I figured it was about time to do another life update post since lots of changes will be happening soon!

First off, I am about halfway through my spring internship in the schools, I am really liking that the schools are slower paced. One thing I kind of hated about the medical setting of speech pathology is that if you worked there, you were basically expected to devote your entire life to speech pathology. While I do enjoy it, I don’t want my job to take up my entire life, so I think it has been great to see that in the schools you can be a bit more balanced.

Studying has also taken over my life the past few weeks since midterms are in a week, and then in April I take the Praxis and my comprehensive exams at my school just a few days a part. The praxis is the test that every SLP student has to take and pass over all the areas from grad school before you can start working. And the comps is basically the same thing, except each school does it a bit differently.  Luckily since classes and my internship are both a bit less this semester, it hasn’t been too terrible. But I will be so glad once I pass them and can move on!

I also wanted to finally share where I will be moving this summer! I have hinted here and on social media about it, but I didn’t want to share too early in case it fell through or something happened. But I have actually known since last July where I will be this summer, which was great since I didn’t have to spend time looking during the school-year this year. I am going to be doing home care out in Colorado for June and July to finish up my final internship! One of my good friends from undergrad is from Colorado, and her parents were kind enough to let me stay with them for the summer. I have never even visited Colorado before, but I am excited to have an extended visit basically and get to explore all the sites and delicious food! I have been pinning alllll the Colorado travel guides on Pinterest to get ideas on where to go while I am there, but comment below if you have been or have any recommendations too!

Another big life update: I have a job for after my summer internship! I am not going to share much about it yet, but it is also a state I have never lived in before, and I hadn’t even visited until I visited while contemplating the job! So there will be a lot of moving in my future over the next 5 months, but I am really excited for all of the changes, and to finally be done with school come August!

To finish off this post, I wanted to share a few pictures of what I’ve been up to the past few months!

I got a coconut boba tea at a nearby boba place and it was SO good. I have had boba before, but this definitely beat what I had in the past!

Had a fun fondue night with some of my friends! It was so fun to buy our own stuff and make it together! It was also something I had on my 101 in 1001 list, so I was able to cross that off.

A Cheesecake Factory opened in Grand Rapids last fall and I am definitely going to miss living near one once I move!

One afternoon I got together with some friends to show them how to make earrings! These were the two I made that day.

And lastly a charcuterie spread that my housemates did to celebrate one of their birthdays! I just have to say that the brioche bread with melted brie on top and raspberry spread on top of that was an life-changing combo that I need to have again soon.

xo, Scarlett