Thrift Flip: Spring Frame DIY

Social distancing is the perfect time to embark on some new DIY projects if you ask me! I had bought this frame a year or two at the thrift store because it was only a couple of dollars because I really liked the gold and detailing. I knew I could do a little DIY on it to make something cuter, but I never found the right thing to put in the frame to make it more modern. Then about a month ago when I was at Joann’s I found this scrapbook paper on clearance, so I picked up this butterfly pattern and a few other ones. I loved the colors in this one and figured I could incorporate it somehow into decor. Then I realized it fit perfectly into my frame and the rest is history…

What you need:

  • a thrifted frame
  • brown craft paper
  • white card stock
  • black pen
  • tape/glue
  • scissors (paper edge scissors optional!)
  • scrapbook paper of your choosing

If your frame is 12×12, you’re in luck and don’t have to cut your scrapbook paper. If you got a smaller frame, no big deal, just cut your paper down to whatever size you have. Next, cut out a rectangle of brown craft paper or whatever paper you want backing your quote. I wanted it to look ripped and not perfect, so I found these scissors I already had that make the edges uneven. Of course, you can always just carefully rip the paper to get the same effect! Then cut out your white paper and pick a quote to go on it. You can also print a quote out if you find something you like or don’t want to write it yourself. Then just tape all the pieces of paper together and add them into your frame! Really simple, super easy. And very customizable to fit whatever your decor taste is!

I would highly recommend checking out the thrift store if you are in need of any new frames for projects or pictures. They typically have many different kinds and they are so much cheaper than buying them in store. Plus, most frames are in good condition since they just hang on a wall and don’t get beat up or scratched easily!

Tell me in the comments if you ever thrift frames!

xo, Scarlett