4 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

Today I am so excited to share with you guys 4 easy DIY Christmas gift ideas. I used all of these ideas this year and I love the way they turned out. Plus they are super easy, don’t cost too much, and they are a big hit. Plus, you can easily copy any of these tags into word and print them out for yourself!

1. Hands Down You’re The Best Friend Around



This is such a cute idea to give to your friends, or you can change it to say “best teacher”, “best mom”, etc. This one I created myself after looking around and not finding one I liked that was already online. Feel free to print it and give it with a gift! I added a nail polish inside the pair of gloves!

What you can add with it:  

-nail polish


-hand sanitizer 

-nail files 

-hand lotion 

2. Snowman Chocolate Bars 

I love how cute and affordable this one is! I bought $1 Hershey bars from Target in flavors I knew my friends would love and just wrapped them in the snowman I printed off! This is still customizable since some friends like cookies n’ cream, while other prefer milk or dark chocolate!

I also added ribbon as a scarf and a cute tag to say who each it for, since I did have different flavors!

3. Merry Kiss-Mas! 


This idea was one of the easiest, but it also can be customized differently depending on who it is for! I made all of mine using the same color and same flavor of Chapstick (candy cane for the win)!

Also, I used a piece of cardstock and glued the saying on one side. Then I cut two slits so I could slide the Chapstick in and added a ribbon to make it a bit more festive!

4. For Your Mistletoes! 

 This is my personal favorite but it also took the most time and money. It is still really affordable and cute, and it is easy to customize as well!

I chose to make my own printable for this one to match the scrapbook paper I knew I would be adding to the top. I used a plastic bag, metallic crinkle from Micheal’s, a nail polish and a pair of socks in mine!


I really enjoy making gifts for people because it shows you put in time and effort, but it is also easy to customize to make it something they will like! Plus, you don’t have to spend $50 on something you aren’t sure if they will like!

Which of these ideas was your favorite? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett