An Afternoon of Apple Picking

After midterms were over, I decided to head home for a weekend to enjoy the warmer weather and see friends and family before diving into another Michigan winter *shudders*. While there, one of my friends and I decided to go to an apple picking at an orchard because neither of us could remember if we had ever picked apples before, or if we had it was years and years ago! This was also something on my 101 in 1001 list, so I was excited to be able to cross another item off!

As you can see, it was a really sunny day, and ended up being beautiful for picking apples! I definitely recommend going during the week if you can, because on Friday it was a lot less crowded than it would have been on Saturday or Sunday. I also made sure to wear shoes that could get dirty in case there was mud, and I wore my backpack so I could have my hands free to pick apples! Also, make sure you bring a tall friend to pick the good apples for you. Just kidding… kind of. Anyway, if you haven’t been apple picking yet this year, you definitely should try to make it out in the next week or two before apple picking season ends! I ended up making an apple crisp with some of mine, and then I ate the rest since they were so crisp!

And if you are looking for an orchard near you to visit, you can use this website to find one! Or just browse social media and chances are a friend or two has shared about an orchard they have visited in your area this fall. If it is a larger orchard, they might have their types of apples that are ready listed online, or you can call to learn about the types ready now and their hours before you make the trek out!

Have you been apple picking this fall? What is your favorite apple to pick? Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Scarlett