A Day In My Life: Fall 2018

I love reading Day in My Life posts just as much as I enjoy writing them. It is always so interesting to get a glimpse into someone’s day to day life, but it is also fun to go back and see how my life changes each semester.

Since I am in grad school now, each day is different because of clinic. I honestly really like it, compared to before when every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday was exactly the same. For this post, I am doing a Thursday in my life because Thursdays are my busiest day.

7:40- Wake up and get ready

8:15- Leave for class

Typical outfit for clinic days: black pants, a nice top, and the mandatory gray cardigan 

8:30- Diagnostics class

9:50- Break

10:30- Aphasia class

11:45- Lunch in the grad room while prepping for my sessions or studying

1:00- Session with my client with fluent aphasia

2:00- Write report from previous session and plan for next session

3:00- Session with my client with nonfluent aphasia

4:00- Meet with my clinical instructor about 1:00 session

4:15- Meet with another clinical instructor about my 3:00 session

4:30- Write report from 3:00 session and enter clinical hours into our online log

5:00- Home to make dinner

5:30- Eat dinner

6:00- Start homework at home or go to a coffee shop or back to school to study with friends

7:00- If I am at home and it is decent weather out (less and less as winter is coming lol) I will often break to go for a quick 15-20 minute walk before it gets dark out!

I’ve seen some stunning skies on my sunset walks this fall! 

9:45- Make lunch for the next day

10:00- Clean up room and write to-do list for the next day

10:15- Get ready for bed/ shower

10:45- In bed and reading whatever book I am in the middle of

11:00 or 11:30- Go to sleep

Like I said earlier in the post, every day is different and thankfully not every day is this full. My Fridays I am done with class by 10am and don’t have clinic, so every weekend is almost like a 3 day weekend which has been a lifesaver. But even my busy days like this are still good most of the time, and I truly have been loving clinic!

What does a typical day look like for you? Anything similar to my day? Tell me in the comments below!

xo, Scarlett