101 in 1001 Update #2

It is time for a second update on my 101 in 1001 list! I love going through and seeing what little goals I have accomplished, and it motivates me to see what I have left. I am continually updating the list in the pages at the top of my blog, but I like to do a little recap every 6-9 months or so just to keep myself on track! Last time I checked in, it was July 2018. I had completed 26 things in that post, and I am happy to share I now have 41 done in my 101 in 1001 list!


blue image with white letting stating 101 in 1001 volume 2

Start date: September 29, 2017

End date: June 26, 2020


School/ Learning: (4/9)

1. Get my bachelors

2. Read 75 new books (I ended up reading 75 in 2018 alone!)

3. Read 5 non-fiction books (5/5) (Uninvited, You Are A Badass, Dewey’s Nine Lives, Everybody Always, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark)

4. Take a cooking class

5. Read a Jane Austen book

6. Watch 10 Ted Talks (8/10)

7. Make the Deans List again (Dec 2017, May 2018, Dec 2018)

8. Get an externship I love

9. Read all of the books that Sarah Dessen has written (Dec 2017)

Travel: (6/11)

10. Go to 2 new states (1/2) (California, )

11. Go to one new country

12. Visit a new zoo (San Diego Zoo)

13. Visit a friend during Summer 2018 (The friend I was planning on visiting didn’t end up moving to Nashville, but we ended up going to Nashville together instead, so I am still crossing this off!)

14. Visit a cat cafe

15. Step foot in the Pacific Ocean

16. Go to Chicago again

17. Go on a trip with friends  (Nashville- May 2018)

18. Go to 2 hot air balloon shows (July 2018)

19. See a light house in person (1/20/18)

20. Go to a drive through wildlife preserve

Michigan: (2/7)

21. Visit a rooftop restaurant (Acme Feed and Seed in Nashville- May 2018)

22. Go to a farmer’s market in Grand Rapids

23. See the sunset at Lake Michigan

24. Go up north

25. Go to Tulip Time

26. Go to a museum in Grand Rapids

27. Try 5 new restaurants in Grand Rapids (Grand Rapids Brewing Company, )

Entertainment: (9/17)

28. Do a “fondue night” with friends

29. Go apple picking

30. Carve a pumpkin

31. Try 5 new coffee shops (Lantern, Nonna’s Pantry, DejaBrew, That Early Bird, Outside Coffee Co) )

32. Go to 3 concerts (Steven Curtis Chapman, JohnnySwim, Ben Rector)

33. Begin and finish a TV series (You)

34. Go to an escape room

35. Go skiing

36. Go iceskating (Jan 2018)

37. Go kayaking or canoeing

38. Go to a drive-in movie

39. Go rock climbing

40. Drive around to look at Christmas lights (Dec 2017)

41. Have friends from my floor freshman year over

42. Take pictures in a photo booth

43. Go to a football game

44. Go mini golfing

Health: (6/13)

45. Do 1 week without social media (June 2018)

46. Have a no-tech weekend

47. Go to a spin class

48. Do a 30 Day Challenge

49. Do a 5K

50. Journal for 30 days straight (Feb 15-March15, 2018)

51. Finish my red journal

52. Workout 20x in 30 days (Feb15-March 15)

53. Go to bed by 10pm for a week

54. Don’t wear any makeup for a full week (August 2-9)

55. Read the entire Bible (21/66)

56. Complete a whole devotional book

57. try hot yoga

For others: (0/3)

58. Donate to a cause I believe in

59. Send flowers to someone for no reason

60. Register to be an organ donor

Creativity: (1/9)

61. Knit something

62. Take a picture a day for 1 month

63. Make pottery

64. Invest in a new lens

65. Try a new Pinterest craft

66. Complete the alphabet photo challenge

67. Photograph one spot in all 4 seasons

68. Make a Jamaica photo book

69. Make an undergrad scrapbook

Blog: (3/9)

70. Make $(amount private) on The Trendy Chick

71. Blog every day for 1 month (July 2018)

72. Make 3 new Youtube videos

73. Collab with 5 people or brands (2/5)

74. Reach 4,000 followers on Pinterest

75. Reach 900 followers on Twitter

76. Reach 1,100 followers on Bloglovin’

77. Move to self-hosted

78. Start a new blog series SLP Style!


Miscellaneous: (10/23)


79. Make lava cakes

80. Make donuts

81. Make a homemade pie

82. Make an acai bowl

83. Get a massage

84. Watch the sunrise

85. Go night swimming

86. Learn how to do my makeup better

87. Buy a new everyday purse

88. Send birthday cards to my grandparents

89. Send 15 cards (6/15)

90. Renew my license

91. Be vegan for a day (lol this will be a challenge)

92. Make my bed every day for a month straight

93. Clean out & purge my lip products drawer

94. Hide a note in a library book

95. Make a new 101 list by the time this list ends

96. Get a plant friend for Carol (tbd if it will survive or not since Carol is no longer with us)

97. Back up all of my pictures

98. Get my nails done

99. Have 50 recipes in my recipe box

100. Make a Spotify playlist for every season (Winter 2017), (Spring 2018), (Summer 2018) (Fall 2018) (Winter 2018)

101. Write a letter to myself to open at the end


I am so excited to make even more progress on this 101 in 1001 list this spring, and will probably start a list of ideas for my 3rd 101 in 1001 list since this one will be finished before I know it! If you missed it, you can see my first 101 in 1001 list here. It is crazy to me that I started that list in high school and I will finish this second list about the same time I finish grad school! Then don’t even get me start about how if I do a third 101 in 1001 list I will be 26 by the time it is finished…

If you are thinking about making your own list, I highly recommend it, and I also recommend checking out Mackenzie Horan’s post, which was where I originally got the idea over 4 years ago now!

Do you have a 101 in 1001 list? What is your favorite item on your list? Share in the comments below!

xo, Scarlett