Affordable Customized Clothes with eShakti

Is there anything more frustrating than seeing a pattern you like, but not liking the style of the dress? Or a dress that doesn’t have the right neckline or has short sleeves when you wanted long? I get so annoyed while shopping sometimes because nothing seems to be exactly how I would want it. If you relate to this, you need to hear about eShakti!

eShakti sells such a wide variety of beautiful clothes that are great quality. I worked with them years ago in 2014, and I still own and love the skirt that I received from them. The quality is great, and I love how they have had the option to customize the measurements to make sure each piece fits perfectly. Also the fact that this skirt is something I wore in high school and I still wear it says a lot about the skirt! It was perfect to wear to clinic in the warmer months due to the professional length.

eShakti just came out with a new feature called Fx, which lets you take one design and change the style to fit what YOU love. It is a genius idea, and I had a lot of fun playing around with some dresses on their website. All you have to do is find dresses with “Fx” in the top right corner, then click into one to customize it to your taste! They have had the option to customize your clothing for a while, but previously you just had to imagine what it would look like if you decided to change something about the piece. Now when you click on an aspect to change, the picture changes too so you know exactly what it will look like. So many things are customizable these days, and I love that eShakti is taking the guesswork out and making custom clothing easier.


The fabric of this plaid dress is so pretty, especially for the holiday season. The picture on the left is the original design, which personally I didn’t love. I really don’t like 3/4 sleeves and the neckline was too wide for my taste, so I changed both of those! I also shortened it so it would hit above my knee! The picture on the right is my final dress, which I love so much more than the original. But if you don’t, no problem! There are so many different options to customize it into something you love. 

I loved the skirt portion of this turtleneck mixed media dress, but I was not a fan of much else. So I got rid of the turtleneck on top, lengthened the sleeves, and shortened the skirt a bit to make it more my style! I love the final picture on the left so much more than the original, and this is something I would actually wear often. 


Finally I customized this mixed media belted dress. I initially looked over it because I did not like the way the top portion was styled at all, but when I clicked it and saw how cute it would be with a different neckline and no sleeves, I changed my mind! I also shorted the skirt just a bit to knee length. Overall this dress is something I would now wear and love, and I could even wear something like this to clinic because it is professional with a cardigan on top and still cute! 

I highly recommend checking out eShakti if you are interested in getting a dress customized exactly to your style and measurements! The best part is that most of their prices are really reasonable, and they have a really good sales section too. Perfect for any other college gals on a budget 😉 

Which of these three dresses is your favorite? How would you customize your own? Share in the comments below!

xo, Scarlett