College Room Tour 2018

This is the first year in college that I have my own room, and I had fun buying some new pieces to mix in with what I already had! I wanted to share this so I can look back on it, but also because it is always so fun to get a peek into other people’s houses and see how they decorate. I also haven’t shared my room since my freshman year dorm room, so I figured it was time to post an updated room post. I tried to keep everything really affordable too, so I will share throughout the post where I bought things in case you want something similar!

First my bed aka where I spend most of my time when I am at home. As you will see in this, I don’t have a desk, and I prefer to sit on my bed and spread my books and papers around me. I got my gray bedspread, my fuzzy white blanket (softest thing ever!) and my patterned pillow all at Tuesday Morning for under $60 for all 3! I got my blue pillow at Target for $17, and I love the color and texture. Then I got my red pillow on clearance for around $5 and the two white fuzzy ones for about $20 for both at Big Lots! I rarely ever go into Big Lots, but I ended up finding quite a few things for my room there for a great price!

Next I have my dresser that I got from a resale store for $40 and added on new knobs to make it look better! It has actually worked really well and fits all my clothes that I fold perfectly!

Also I clearly took these pictures over a month ago when I still had all my fall decorations out! I loved how all these pieces looked together for fall. I also decided to hang my Don’t Forget To Water The Plants print that Uncommon Goods sent to me above the dresser. The light in my room is in an awkward spot, but I felt like the fall needed something else besides just the light.

Next I have my bookshelf, also from Big Lots for $20 or $30 I think!  I keep my books in it as well as my “art supplies” basket and some chargers and random stuff in the bottom bins. I also brought my globe with me this year and I love how it looks here! If you haven’t read my post about how I made it, then read it here. It is still one of my most popular posts!

I had been using the same cheap cork board since freshman year and it was starting to fall apart, so this year I bought one from Michaels for $13 and it looks a lot better since it has a frame! Below it I have two 3 drawer storage containers, one with makeup and hair stuff and the other with stationary and desk stuff. I didn’t have a table to put them on, so I set them on a red storage container that currently holds my summer clothes! I was planning on moving them somewhere else or getting a real table to put them on, but the red matches and honestly I just never got around to it.

Another view, but this one also shows the edison bulb lights I have strung around my room. I needed more lighting and found these at Big Lots on clearance for 75% off, which means I got 4 strands for about $15!

Then I have my nightstand that I also thrifted for about $10 and the basket underneath was a few dollars from Bed Bath & Beyond. The prints above it are prints I have had since freshman year and I still love! Unfortunately the shop that sold the Adventurer’s print is now closed, but the Work Hard, Stay Humble print is from Paper Tie Affair on Etsy! I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a print like this.

Finally we have my corner with my bean bag and polka dot blanket. It is a cozy corner to read in or work on homework! Then one of my favorite pieces is this Koala picture I found at TJ Maxx for $40! I love koalas and was so excited to find this to fill up some of the blank space on my walls! I love that it is a little quirky but is a cute way to add something I like to my room.

And that is it! If you are interested in seeing more of my house this year, I am considering sharing my living room/kitchen as well. Let me know in the comments if you enjoy getting a peek into other people’s houses and what your favorite piece in my room is!

xo, Scarlett