December Bullet Journal Spread

I started this bullet journal in July of 2017, but I fell off of it for a bit last winter so I haven’t created a December bullet journal spread before! I was so excited to do it this year since December is one of my favorite months.

First I made the cover page image a cup of peppermint hot chocolate because, duh, that is one of the best parts of December.

Next I kept in a gratitude page because I always want to keep up my practice of writing down things I am grateful for daily!

This month I chose to take out goals and a habit tracker. December is filled with finishing the semester and finals and then days off for Christmas, so I didn’t want to worry about tracking things this month. And the only goals I am focusing on this month are finishing the semester and enjoying Christmas, so it wasn’t worth writing down! I did include this gift sheet to write down either gift ideas or to write down what I actually got people to keep track of it! 

Simple overall, yet also festive. Here’s to a great last month of 2018!

xo, Scarlett