Dollar Tree Fall Decor DIY

Fall is my favorite season and I always love when the leaves start changing and it is finally time to burn fall candles again. Now that I am in a house this year I want to decorate a little more and make it cozy, especially in the fall and winter. But since I am going to still be moving at least a few more times in the upcoming years I don’t want to do buy anything to expensive in case it breaks or buy stuff that will take up a ton of room. Just something small that still adds some personality and helps celebrate the season we are in!

This is where the Dollar Tree came in this year. And no, this is not sponsored. Though I am quickly becoming a big Dollar Tree fan. I mean c’mon, everything is a dollar? A dream for a college girl on a budget. This summer when I was nannying, the girls often only had $2 or so, but wanted to buy some candy or a new notebook or something. So we spent many days combing through the Dollar Tree finding good deals for them! Towards the end of the summer I noticed their fall pieces were out, and I was shocked at how cute some of the items were! So many little things like ribbon and tiny acorns that would be perfect for a fall DIY or for making a wreath. When I saw the selection, I knew I had to pick up a few things and attempt at least one DIY project for my house this fall!

Before we get into the DIY though, can we just acknowledge this cute little green pumpkin. Honestly. It is ceramic and looks like something you could find at Hobby Lobby for at least $5. But honestly for only $1 I could not pass it up and I think it will look so cute next to this DIY vase and maybe a fall candle or two! 

What you need:

1 jar or vase 

1 string of battery operated fairy lights (I got mine from Amazon… can’t beat 6 for $10!)

1 or 2 fall themed bouquets 

1 or 2 packages of tiny pumpkins 

I personally only bought one bouquet and then bought a package of leaves (50 for $1!) because I wanted to use them for another DIY too. But you could buy 2 bouquets and either just put two in the jar and have it be a bit more full, or you can cut leaves off of one to put in the jar. 

As you can see, the pumpkins come on sticks. This would be great if you were making a wreath or something, but also don’t be afraid to transform the pieces you buy to fit your DIY a bit better! I chose to cut off the sticks and cut the stems a bit shorter because I didn’t like how long they were. 

This fit what I wanted to put in my jar much better than the original! 

Finally just put your pumpkins and a few loose leaves into your jar. Then feed your fairy lights into the jar too. I taped the battery back to the back of the jar and with everything in the jar you can’t even see it. Finally, add in your bouquet of leaves and arrange them the way you want. Such an easy yet cute DIY, and I love how cozy the fairy lights make it! It also has enough going on that it can sit on a mantle or table by itself and look good, or you can add a few pumpkins or a candle by it to make it even cuter! 

What is your favorite fall decoration? Do you ever buy decor pieces from the Dollar Tree? Let me know in the comments below! 

xo, Scarlett