SLP Style: Trumpet Sleeves

I am so excited to share the first post in a new series that will be on The Trendy Chick! If you have been reading the blog for a while, you will know that I am a first year grad student in a speech pathology program. Obviously this is exciting for many reasons, one of which is the fact that I will have four of my own clients each semester and get to work in the clinic. Last year I observed in the clinic both semesters which was great since now I will know a little more about it.

In the clinic on my campus they recently implemented a “uniform” of sorts to make sure everyone is professional. This means we either have to wear a gray cardigan that has our school’s logo, or we have to wear a navy polo with our school’s logo. I absolutely hate wearing polos due to the fact that I had to wear them every day growing up since I went to a private school where you had to wear collared shirts. This means I will be avoiding the dreaded polo as much as possible and will be trying to come up with my own outfits that pair well with the gray cardigan! We also aren’t allowed to wear blue jeans, which is pretty standard as far as professional clothing goes.

Basically, I still have a good amount of freedom to dress cute, but when trying to gain inspiration I have noticed that not that many bloggers have shared SLP outfits. I decided to start this new series to share outfits that are clinic appropriate and up to date with the current styles! If you are shadowing an SLP to decide if you want to go into the field or if you are in grad school or a practicing SLP yourself, I hope this series will help you gain inspiration on what to wear.

top: Shein | pants: TJ Maxx (similar) | hair scarf: Madewell | shoes: Gordmans (similar) | bag: Old Navy (similar

First off, I just need to say how much I love this top. The bright red has been great for the summer, but will transition perfectly into fall as well. The trumpet sleeves add a fun touch to an top that would be simple otherwise, but it isn’t over the top. This top also isn’t see through which is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to finding nicer tops for clinic! I am honestly considering ordering this in another color or two because it will go great under my gray cardigan for clinic but can also be dressed up a bit for a night out with friends.

I also love pairing this polka dot bandana with bright solid colored tops like this one! It adds a fun element without clashing. Bandanas and hair scarves are still trending, so consider adding one to a normal work outfit to add a little fun!

Lastly, I picked up these mules at Gordmans for $5 over the summer! They were on clearance for $10 but when I checked out they rang up for $5. You cannot beat that for a shoe that is right on trend! I know a lot of clinics require closed toed shoes for their SLPs, so these shoes are a great option too. The only bad thing is that they don’t have much support, so if I know I am going to be on my feet a lot I will choose a different shoe.

I am so excited to share more SLP Style posts in the upcoming months. Sometimes it can feel so hard to be stylish and clinic appropriate, so I am hoping to help bridge the two with this series!

xo, Scarlett