September 2018 Bullet Journal Spread

Since September is right around the corner, I wanted to go ahead and share my bullet journal spread for September 2018! This month one of my goals was to get creative and use up some supplies I already had while still making a cohesive spread. I also chose not to get into fall themes yet because last year I started in September and then for October and November I was almost out of ideas! Plus fall doesn’t technically start until the end of September 😉 

This page I chose to incorporate some yellow that is appropriate as we transition to fall, as well as some muted florals! I also added in a quote about Septembers to fill up the page a bit more.

Since I am going back to school this month I also added my expenses pages back so I can keep track of how much I am spending easily. I kept up the lightbulb theme on this page too!

The habit tracker is also back after I removed it for the summer months. If you followed along through last year you will know that I used to have about 10 daily habits I wanted to keep up with. Some of them I took off because honestly it is just a habit now and I do them daily, such as drinking plenty of water and flossing. But I took a few others off just to simplify things and keep me focused on these. I know I will be busy this year, but I still hope I can keep up with these 5 things daily.

As of now I did not include any goals on this page because adjusting to grad school is pretty much my only goal. But I did leave a little space in case I come up with something halfway through the month!

Finally my gratitude page is also back! I had just been including that in my journaling time, but I kind of like having a specific page dedicated to what I am grateful for each month. It is almost a journal in itself because when I look back at a specific day and see the 3 things from that day I can almost always remember that day and have good memories!

Do you have a gratitude list anywhere? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Scarlett