Recent Thrift Haul (Clothes & Furniture)

I absolutely love watching thrift hauls on Youtube or reading them on blogs to see what gems other people have found! I enjoy digging a bit to find a good piece if it means I can get it for just a few dollars. Today I wanted to compile everything I have bought second hand recently into one post and hopefully inspire you guys to checkout your local thrift and consignment shops to find good deals too!

My love of thrifting goes back quite a few years, so if you want to checkout an old thrift haul from 2015 (I still own and love every piece from it!) click here. To see my most recent thrift haul from last summer, checkout this post!

First I will start with three things I picked up from Plato’s Closet. I honestly don’t have much luck there usually and don’t go in often. But my friend wanted to check it out so I went and they were having 70% off clearance, plus if you bought two clearance items you got a third free.

The sweater above is Madewell and I got it for $3! For a Madewell top that is great quality that is a great price. I was a little hesitant about the side ties at first, but I think it adds a fun detail!

Next I picked out this green vest. It is Columbia and only $3 as well! Besides this I only have puffy vests or my fur vest, so this will be a great addition to cute outfits or even to wear on a walk outside when it is chilly!

Next was this top Gap. It is slightly too big, but I think it will be good to wear to clinic if I tuck it in like this! Add a watch or a pair of statement earrings and the look would be complete. This was also free since it was buy two get one!

More recently I went to a local consignment shop to look for some tops that would be good to wear to clinic this fall. I found this top originally from Old Navy and I loved the colors and pattern! It probably won’t be great for clinic, but it will be good just to wear to class. It was around $8!

Next I found these dress pants originally from Eddie Bauer. They are slightly cropped and slightly too big, but they were only $3 so I had to pick them up since I could use another pair or two of pants to wear to clinic. 

This top was about $10 and originally from Loft. I really like the pattern and it will be a perfect top for clinic because when I bend over it stays put and you can’t see down it. Always a win 🙂

This top was only $3 too and I love the pattern! I wish it didn’t have the ruffles on the front, but I feel like when it is tucked in it still looks fine. For clinic we have to wear a gray cardigan over our shirt that has our school logo, and I think this pattern will be a fun one to wear under that!

This top was also about $8 and I loved that it is professional but also has red in it. It is originally from The Limited and will end up being a great shirt to wear to clinic! 

Finally I picked up this shirt originally from Gap and I loved the pink stripes! I wear stripes so often, but most of my striped tops are black and white, gray and white, or navy and white, so this will be a fun addition! I think I can even wear it to clinic if I add my cardigan and a cute necklace. But it will also be a great top to wear on casual days to class too! 

Finally I wanted to share about two furniture pieces I got! This fall is the first time I am living in a house off campus, so I needed to buy lots of things for my room since it was unfurnished. I was able to find this dresser for $40 at a Habitat thrift store in town! I am still planning on getting new knobs for the drawers because I am not a huge fan of the ones that came with it.

Then we were able to get this night stand that matches pretty well for $12 at a different thrift store! I am planning on putting a basket in the bottom part to hold books or even just charging cords and stuff. I was toying with the idea of getting a new knob for this one too, but I think I kind of like how quirky this one is. As of now when I am writing this post I don’t have much else for my room yet, but this fall I am planning on doing a room tour in a post if it all comes together well! So stay tuned to see if I can make a few pieces of mismatched furniture look decent 🙂

Do you ever go thrift shopping? What has been your best find? Let me know in the comments!
xo, Scarlett