7 Ways To Stay Organized

One thing that I love doing when I have a little more free time over the summer is organizing my life. It really helps me to start the new school year off on the right foot if the rest of my life is in order. Today I am sharing 7 of my best tips for keeping your life organized too! If you begin to implement some of these I can guarantee your life will become a little easier and simpler!

1. Use a planner or bullet journal
Or both, like me. I like to use a planner for the actual calendar and keeping track of due dates. But for long-term lists to keep track of what I have done and what I have to do and for monthly overviews of the month, I prefer my bullet journal.

2. Purge often
Have you ever let your closet go for a year or two and then realized you have accumulated so much that you don’t need and never use? I find that if I go through my stuff every few months, it is a lot less daunting and it takes so much less time.

3. Utilize binders and folders
If you are a student or just have lots of papers that need organized, I cannot recommend binders and folders enough. I never understand when I see my classmates with papers just jammed recklessly into their backpacks! Personally, I love binders the best because you can add in dividers and utilize pockets on the inside as well. I have 1-2 classes per binder, and I always make sure to put any papers from those classes into the binder, even if it is just into the front pocket to be sorted later. That means I only have to worry about bringing that one binder to class, and I know everything I could possibly need is in it.

4. Use organization bins within drawers
Bathroom drawers and desk drawers are some of the most cluttered drawers for me if I do not have the proper storage within them. Just buying a few little baskets from the Dollar Store to put in them really helps! If you have a problem drawer, try to play around with what baskets you can fit inside to help the problem.

5. Clean off your electronics
It can be so easy to neglect going through old pictures on your phone or documents on your computer. But try to go through them monthly and delete anything you no longer need. Not only will it free up storage, it will also make you feel good to get rid of things you don’t need!

6. Make a daily to-do list 
Nothing keeps me on top of things like a to do list. I include almost anything I want to do on my to do list, such as watching a certain show, even if it is not something I have to do but I just want to do as a break. Personally, if I put something on my to do list it is going to get done within a day or two because I hate writing the same thing on my to do list for a week because I am do lazy to just get it done.

7. Give everything a place
My best tip for keeping clutter away in your house is making sure everything has a place. Make sure every piece of jewelry has a home, every shirt has a hanger, and every document on your computer has a folder to go in to keep everything organized. It is so much easier to find things if you know where they are supposed to go and always keep them there. If something doesn’t have a specific home, make one for it or get rid of it.

Do you have any tips to add to this list? What is your favorite way to stay organized? Let me know in the comments!
xo, Scarlett