Sit Down With Scarlett: 3.12.18

Time for another quick life update since I am already over a month into second semester! This semester started out really slow for me, which was very welcome considering how crazy January term was for me!

First can we take a moment to appreciate the new growth on my poinsettia plant and the fact that I have kept it alive for over 3 months now?! 

Anyways, I am in 4 classes currently, plus one I am auditing, and a volleyball class that I will start after spring break! As I mentioned in my last SDWS post, the four I am in are Linguistics, Visual Rhetoric, Aural Rehab, and Physics. I have never liked physics, so this is definitely my most challenging class this semester. Thankfully the first test in physics went pretty well, so I am not too concerned. And the other three have been pretty easy so far, so I am not super concerned. Then I am auditing a Monday night class which is Language Disorders Across The Lifespan. Night classes are never fun, but at least I just have to go and listen during this one since I am auditing it and not getting graded! It is interesting for the most part too, and one of the only Speech Pathology classes I am in this semester.

I have also had a completely different experience observing in clinic this semester than last semester, but in the best way! I am observing a different grad student, so it is interesting to see the different ways different grad students do things. And having an elderly client instead of a child has been very different, but I have also really enjoyed it! It is so crazy to think that in just 6 months I will have clients of my own!

I’ve also been able to be more intentional and spend more time with my friends this semester since I haven’t been as busy, which has been so fun! With the Olympics, we have had a few Olympics watch parties. I also attempted watercolor painting one night with a friend, and tried red velvet pancakes for the first time for lunch with a friend! Who knew red velvet pancakes were a thing?! So good!

I can’t believe how fast this semester has gone, and that is it my last one before I start grad school in the fall! Do you feel like 2018 has flown by so far? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett