Spring 2018 Trend: Bold Gold Earrings (all under $6!)

One trend that has been popping up recently is bold earrings, specifically gold ones! Earrings can be such as fun and easy way to add to an outfit, so I am loving this trend. With trends it is great to pick up affordable pieces instead of spending $50 on a pair of earrings you may end up wearing just once or twice. I compiled a list of my favorites that are all under $6, which means that you can easily try this trend and not feel bad if you decide it isn’t you or if it goes out of style in just a few months!

        $4.90                                                                    $3.90   


  $3.90                                                                $2.90             

  $3.90                                                             $5.90

And before I end this post, I wanted to leave a few pictures I pulled from Pinterest for inspiration when you are trying to style your new gold earrings! The great thing about this trend is that gold jewelry matches almost anything, so this trend can spice up almost any outfit. 

Gold earrings to complement a laid-back look.. Click to see other arrivals we're obsessing over!


These statement earrings are a unique Seaworthy design of 3 separate solid brass or sterling silver cast pieces connected with two silver handmade headpins and hand soldered sterling silver post. Each


A Week of Outfits: Jenny Gordy 



Will you be trying out the bold gold earring trend this spring? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Scarlett