2017- Year in Review

Ah 2017. It was a great year in many ways, but it also had its bad moments. Today I decided to do a quick recap of the year because it is an easy way for me to look back and remember 2017! The only time I have done this before was in 2015, and I love rereading that post and remembering all the highlights of that year!

I spent almost all of my January in Jamaica! It was such a fun trip and it was eye-opening to learn about disabilities in developing countries during it. To see my full post on it, click here!


Honestly I don’t have fond memories of this semester since I only liked one of my classes and I did not like my living situation. But, luckily I have some great friends at school and I was able to get out and do fun things in Michigan! I tried quite a few new restaurants, like this delicious crepe place! One of my best friends from high school also came to visit me and it was so fun to show her around my school and Grand Rapids! At the end of spring semester, my grandma passed away, so of course that was one of the lows of 2017.

Last summer was one of my favorite summers I can remember. I nannied for a family with the sweetest twin boys and was able to unwind a bit after a tough semester. My brother also moved down to Atlanta, so my family traveled down with him in June to help him. I loved this ferris wheel and the aquarium! See my full recap in this post!

In July I nannied more, and went to a 2 day balloon show! The same BFF who visited me in Michigan during the spring came with me one of the days and it was so fun to introduce her to hot air balloons this summer! See my full photo diary from the balloon show here. My roommate from college also came down to visit me at the end of July, and it was so fun to show her all of my favorite places in my hometown!

Another one of my good college friends came down to visit me in early August. I also tried to make the most of my time left with my high school friends before everyone moved back to school. Most of my friends were gone by mid month but I didn’t move back up until Labor Day weekend, which means I spent the last few weeks reading quite a few books and packing. On August 21, I went with my family to southern Illinois to see the solar eclipse and it was so cool to see how dark it got at 1 in the afternoon!

I moved into my first apartment in September! It was a great month because the beginning of the semester was not too bad, I was living with two of my best friends, it was very warm still (aka beach days!), and I got to go to a cat cafe! I also began observing in clinic this month, and continued throughout the semester.


In October I had lots of midterms, but also lots of fun times with friends! We enjoyed Art Prize in downtown Grand Rapids at the beginning of the month. Then we went to a Corgi event at the end of the month and got to pet dozens of Corgis! 


In November I observed a cochlear implant surgery, signed a lease for a house next year, and continued to improve my bowling skills in my bowling class haha. 

I turned 21, The Trendy Chick turned 6 (!!!), and I finished up my 5th semester of college! Only 7 semesters to go!

Goodbye 2017, thanks for being mostly good. Here’s to hoping 2018 will be even better!
xo, Scarlett