How I Organize My Recipes

Since I moved into my first apartment in September, I knew I needed a way to keep all of my favorite recipes organized. I will be cooking for myself for the first time since I lived in the dorms the past two years and had a meal plan. But this year I don’t have a meal plan, so I knew I needed to have some good recipes on hand!

I spent so much time looking into how other people organized their recipes, from binders to photo books to boxes. As I am sure you know, Pinterest can be a dark hole sometimes lol. In the end, I decided a recipe box would work best for me, and I ended up ordering this one from Rifle Paper Co. I debated for about a month whether I should buy it or not, but in the end I am so glad I purchased it! I love the pattern so much, and I can tell this box is going to last me many years.

It also came with cards and dividers, which I was not expecting at all! I guess from now on I should read the product description better…

But these cards are super cute, and all of the recipes I copied from my mom fit on them so that made me happy! I will have to buy some new cards soon since I almost ran out, but I was so glad I didn’t have to purchase some right away.

How cute is this pattern? I love almost any pattern by Rifle Paper Co, but this one is so simple and cute! 

My only complaint is that a few of the dividers are labeled things I won’t use. For example, I don’t eat seafood so I will probably never have a recipe in there. But overall I am so excited to be using this recipe box, and it has been working out great. I love how easy it is to find what recipe I need because of the labeled dividers. One of the main reasons I decided on a box was because you could keep it super organized, and you can easily take the recipe card out when you want to cook something. I can’t wait to try even more new recipes and add them to my trusty box in the years to come. 

How do you organize your favorite recipes? Share in the comments below! 

xo, Scarlett