101 in 1001 vol. 2

To see what I accomplished on my first 101 in 1001 list, click here

Start date: September 29, 2017
End date: June 26, 2020

School/ Learning:
1. Get my bachelors
2. Read 75 new books
3. Read 5 non-fiction books
4. Take a cooking class
5. Read a Jane Austen book
6. Watch 10 Ted Talks
7. Make the Deans List again
8. Get an externship I love
9. Read all of the books that Sarah Dessen has written

10. Go to 2 new states
11. Go to one new country
12. Visit a new zoo
13. Visit a friend during Summer 2018
14. Visit a cat cafe
15. Step foot in the Pacific Ocean
16. Go to Chicago again
17. Go on a trip with friends (at least one night overnight)
18. Go to 2 hot air balloon shows
19. See a light house in person
20. Go to a drive through wildlife preserve 

21. Visit a rooftop restaurant
22. Go to a farmer’s market in Grand Rapids
23. See the sunset at Lake Michigan
24. Go up north
25. Go to Tulip Time
26. Go to a museum in Grand Rapids
27. Try 5 new restaurants in Grand Rapids

28. Do a “fondue night” with friends
29. Go apple picking
30. Carve a pumpkin
31. Try 5 new coffee shops
32. Go to 3 concerts
33. Begin and finish a TV series
34. Go to an escape room
35. Go skiing
36. Go iceskating
37. Go kayaking or canoeing
38. Go to a drive-in movie
39. Go rock climbing
40. Drive around to look at Christmas lights
41. Have friends from my floor freshman year over
42. Take pictures in a photo booth
43. Go to a football game
44. Go mini golfing

45. Do 1 week without social media
46. Have a no-tech weekend
47. Go to a spin class
48. Do a 30 Day Challenge
49. Do a 5K
50. Journal for 30 days straight
51. Finish my red journal
52. Workout 20x in 30 days
53. Go to bed by 10pm for a week
54. Don’t wear any makeup for a full week
55. Read the entire Bible
56. Complete a whole devotional book
57. try hot yoga

For others:
58. Donate to a cause I believe in
59. Send flowers to someone for no reason
60. Register to be an organ donor

61. Knit something
62. Take a picture a day for 1 month
63. Make pottery
64. Invest in a new lens
65. Try a new Pinterest craft
66. Complete the alphabet photo challenge
67. photograph one spot in all 4 seasons
68. Make a Jamaica photo book
69. Make an undergrad scrapbook

70. Make $(amount private) on The Trendy Chick
71. Blog every day for 1 month
72. Make 3 new Youtube videos
73. Collab with 5 people or brands
74. Reach 4,000 followers on Pinterest
75. Reach 900 followers on Twitter
76. Reach 1,100 followers on Bloglovin’
77. Move to self-hosted
78. Start a new blog series

79. Make lava cakes
80. Make donuts
81. Make a homemade pie
82. Make an acai bowl
83. Get a massage
84. Watch the sunrise
85. Go night swimming
86. Learn how to do my makeup better
87. Buy a new everyday purse
88. Send birthday cards to my grandparents each birthday (0/6)
89. Send 15 cards (0/15)
90. Renew my license
91. Be vegan for a day (lol this will be a challenge)
92. Make my bed every day for a month straight
93. Clean out & purge my lip products drawer
94. Hide a note in a library book
95. Make a new 101 list by the time this list ends
96. Get a plant friend for Carol
97. Back up all of my pictures
98. Get my nails done
99. Have 50 recipes in my recipe box
100. Make a Spotify playlist for every season
101. Write a letter to myself to open at the end

When my first list began, I was going into my last semester of high school. During that time I picked a college, moved to a new state, and chose my major! I am so excited to begin my second list, and I can’t wait to see all that I accomplish during these next few years too. During this list I am going to get my bachelor’s and be just a month short of getting my master’s by the time it ends. Due to being is school (and grad school) during this whole list, I didn’t include anything too crazy. I did include a few “reach” items to challenge me, but for the most part it is things I can do while being a busy student!

Wish me luck!
xo, Scarlett