Recently Reading: September 2017

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This month, I technically read 3 books, but I am including 2 that I finished at the very end of August that didn’t make it into my last Recently Reading post! I am happy to say that I have been reading almost every day so far this semester, even if it is just for 5 minutes before bed. I have been trying to spend less time on social media and pick up my book during that time instead, and so far I have been loving it! 

The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen-
I feel like every time I read a Sarah Dessen book I don’t have much to say since all of her books have a similar feel. Again, this one did not disappoint and was a fairly quick summer read. I definitely don’t want to spoil the ending, but I liked the choice that Emaline ended up making, which made this book a pretty satisfying read. I also do really like how she makes references in her books to other books she has written, such as in this book I noticed one of the characters was cousins with two characters from one of her other books.

The Breakdown by B. A. Paris- 

Let me start out by saying so many thrillers get compared to Gone Girl. But let’s be honest, most are not similar at all and are not on that level. But this book is one that I would compare to Gone Girl. You are only getting one perspective in this book, so you question what is actually going on and whether you can trust that character’s point of view. And I swore by page 35 I knew who did it, and it totally looked like I was right until the very end. Turns out I was not completely right, and I definitely didn’t predict what happened! Since I have loved both of the books I read by B.A. Paris this summer, I cannot wait for her next book to come out next summer. Definitely going to be picking it up as soon as it comes out!

Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens-
I had never even heard of Chevy Stevens until a few months ago, but this book was very good! I will definitely be picking up more thrillers by Chevy Stevens in the future. I loved this book because while you knew that things were happening like the home invasion and her daughter being shadowed, you didn’t know who was actually doing it and it messes with your mind. I also didn’t guess the twist that would happen, and I was completely shocked by it! Highly recommend this thriller!

Smart Girls Get What They Want by Sarah Strohmeyer-
This book is about 3 high school best friends as they try to be at the top of their class and get everything they want. It totally sounds like a fluffy book that middle school Scarlett would’ve loved, but it ended up being better than I expected! I really liked the main character, Gigi, and I definitely wanted the best for her throughout the book which made me enjoy it more. This is also a pretty quick read, so it would be great to read during the school year if you don’t have much time on your hands. Overall I recommend it, especially if you like Sarah Dessen type books.

True Believer by Nicholas Sparks-
I was drawn towards this Nicholas Sparks book because it had a small mystery too, so it wasn’t just completely focused on being a romance novel. An investigative journalist from NYC travels to a small town in North Carolina to try to find the truth behind mysterious lights that show up in a cemetery there. And in true Nicholas Sparks form, he finds a girl while he is there. But of course, you will have to read the book for yourself to see if they actually end up together and see what is causing the mysterious lights. I would recommend this one, but I will warn you that it took me about a week to actually get into. The beginning was pretty slow for me, but once I got about halfway through I got more invested.

Have you read any good books recently? Leave your recommendations in the comments!
xo, Scarlett