Summer Staycation Ideas

Besides my trip to Atlanta, I don’t have any plans to travel outside of Illinois this summer. But instead of being bummed by the thought, I am using these free weekends to explore more of my town and places that are within an hour or two of where I live. By staying closer to home, you can save a lot of money (especially if you only go on day trips!) and you can discover lots of hidden gems that are located right in your backyard.

To make the most of staying in town, I recommend getting a few friends together and coming up with ideas. Is there a coffee shop in your town that you have always wanted to try? This summer is the perfect time! Maybe a zoo that is only an hour away from you? Plan a fun day trip and see what it has to offer! You would be surprised how much there is to do, even if you don’t live in a big town.

Another idea to find good places to visit is to hop on Instagram. For example, if you live in Holland, Michigan, try putting that in on Instagram and search for pictures that have been tagged there. Often people will go to cool places and post their pictures with a location, so you can get fun ideas even from strangers! That is how I found out about the lavender farm I visited. I never would’ve known it existed except for Instagram!

Another thing to think about is if you have any big cities that you could visit for a fun day trip or even a weekend of fun! I live close enough to St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Chicago, so I have gone on short trips to those places for a day of fun!

Other fun examples:
-visiting an amusement park
-visiting a new trail near you to walk/hike
-find a drive in movie location near you
-try a new ice cream place (my friend and I just discovered a froyo place that is close to our house and is only $2. GAME CHANGER!)
-find a new farmers market and buy some fresh fruits or veggies

I promise, you can make a fun adventure out of almost any small trip as long as you are with the right people! Find some friends who will also be in town and set out and find new places!

What is your favorite thing to do in your town? Share in the comments!
xo, Scarlett

*image originally from Design Love Fest