Lavender Farm

Last week I had to opportunity to visit a you-pick lavender farm that I had heard about. A friend and I went there after work one evening, even though we thought they might be closed. We figured we could probably take pictures in the lavender even if we couldn’t pick it! But to our delight, the lady who runs it was there doing work, so she let us pick some and snap quite a few pictures! I honestly had no idea this even existed anywhere in Illinois, but I am so glad that I found out about it and took the time to visit! If you live in Illinois, I definitely recommend visiting Sharp’s Crossing Lavender Farm even though it will probably be an hour or two long drive. It was just such a fun and unique experience, and the lavender smells SO GOOD. 

dress // necklace 1 // necklace 2

The sunset was also so pretty while we were there, but you can also see the storm that we were trying to beat!

Overall, it was such a fun way to spend an evening and I definitely recommend looking into any lavender farms that could be near where you live!

xo, Scarlett