101 in 1001 Update!

Wow, it has been almost 2 years since I created my 101 in 1001 list, and it is crazy to look back and see how much has changed. When it began, I didn’t even know where I would be going to college, and now I am 1 1/2 years into it! I also had no idea how many things and places I would experience between then and now! Since I only have about 9 months left to finish my list, I wanted to update you guys and take a closer look at the things I have left. I am still hoping to finish everything, but honestly a few seem a little out of my reach at this point. Without further ado, let’s get into the list!

Begin: January 1, 2015
End:  September 28, 2017

Completed: (60/101)

School/ Reading/ Learning new skills (7/13)

1. Graduate HS

2. Pick my college

3. Buy a new laptop 

4. Read 5 classic books (1984, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd) 

5. Read 20 new books total (53/20 – 1984, The Beginning of Everything, PLL #16, Let It Snow, The Book Thief, Divergent, The Orphan Train, Cinder, The Girl on the Train, All the Bright Places, What Alice Forgot, I Was Here, The One & Only, First Love, Insurgent, The Tipping Point, Vanishing Girls, The Devil In The White City, Defending Jacob, Allegiant, Crossing the Line, Luckiest Girl Alive, Just One Year, Just One Day, Just One Night, Saint Anything, A Hundred Summers, Fangirl, Let’s Get Lost, What I Thought Was True, All The Light We Cannot See, Save Yourself, Library of Souls, Brain on Fire, Everything Leads To You, The Art Of Lainey, Hattie Ever After, The Here and Now, Allegra, 6 Months Later, The Luxe, Talking Pictures, Along The Infinite Sea, The Secret Life of Violet Grant, What She Knew, The Nightingale, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Go Set A Watchman) 

6. Read 5 biographies/ nonfiction (3/5- Brain on Fire, Pieces of My Mother, The Boys In The Boat)

7. Read at least 30 minutes every day for 2 weeks(2/13/15-2/26/15)

8. Take a random online class (in progress)

9. Learn basic sign language

10. Learn calligraphy
11. Learn to write better with my right hand (I’m left handed!) 

12. Learn a new skill (I learned how to use a darkroom for a photography class- 1/13/16)

13. Learn to play a song on an instrument 

For Others (3/5)

14. Leave a 100% tip (June 25, 2015)

15. Pay for someone in line behind me

16. Buy a strangers meal
17. Give 5 “just because” gifts (brownies to K, 5 scrapbooks for friends)
18. Volunteer somewhere (1/22/16)

DIY (4/5)

19. Create a gallery wall

20. Buy something from a thrift store and DIY it

21. Make a senior year scrapbook (I did not make one for myself, but I made 5 different ones for 
      friends so that counts!

22. Paint something (a painting, something random, etc)

23. Complete and blog about 3 Pinterest Projects (Twig DIY Decor, DIY Blanket Scarf, DIY Globe ) 

Travel (12/15)

24. Visit 3 new states (DC- yes not really a state but it counts to me, Minnesota, Iowa, Virginia)

25. Go to 3 concerts (4/04/15, 8/10/15, 10/07/15, 10/12/15)

26. Go to an amusement park 

27. Try something at 5 cafes (5/5)

28. Go to a baseball game (June 18, 2015)

29. Try a Laudree macaron

30. Go to the Mall of America

31. See a famous landmark I haven’t seen I saw so many in DC! 

32. Go to a beach

33. Go on a missions trip

34. Go to a festival (Local fair with friends on 7/31/15)

35. Visit a new city (San Juan-March 2015)

36. Day trip to Chicago with friends

37. Go on a boat (big or small!)  

38. Visit 2 HS friends at college (1/2)

Health/Fitness (1/7)

39. Go 2 weeks without sweets/candy

40. Do a 5K 

41. Go to bed by 10pm every day for 2 weeks straight

42. Hold a plank for 2 minutes

43. another 30 Day Challenge (like the squats one) (in progress) 

44. Be able to do and hold a handstand (June 2015)

44. Go hiking somewhere

Spiritual/ Personal (7/9)

45. Read the entire Bible (26/66)

46. Find a church I like at college

47. Complete the Romans Challenge (Read Romans 1-8 for 50 days)

48. Write in a journal every day for 1 month (July 2015)

49. Write a letter to be opened at the end of the 1001 days 

50. Make my bed for a week straight (June 2015) 

51. Unplug for 24 hours (1/29/16)

52. Change my hair   (2/19/15- I cut about half of it off!)  

53. Take a bath (I can’t remember the last time I did… I always just shower) (July 2015)

Blog (6/10)

54. Meet a blogger friend

55. Blog every day for a month (July 2015) 

56. Buy a nice camera

57. Learn to use nice camera

58. Get to 10,000 Pinterest followers

59. Get to 5,000 Instagram followers

60. Reach (and maintain!) Inbox Zero 

61. Double my daily page views (June 2015!) 

62. Host another blog link-up (What I Wish My Non-Blogging Friends Knew)

63. Do another video (Thrift Store Challenge: Dresses)

Entertainment (9/15)

64. Host a brunch for friends

65. Go on a picnic

66. Send 10 cards/ letters to HS friends while in college (10/10)

67. Surprise someone

68. Go to a drive-in movie

69. Host another board game night (July 14, 2015)

70. Have a Pinterest/crafting party 

71. Have a cookie exchange party

72. Go iceskating  (1/09/14) 

73. Go sledding

74. Do a leaf pile photo shoot (11.22.2016)

75. See a play or musical

76. Take pictures in a photo booth (4/07/15)

77. Have a snowball fight 

78. Go to a corn maze (10.17.15)

Miscellaneous (11/23)

79. Get a real job (July 2015) (I have actually had 2 “real jobs” (not just nannying) now!)

80. Set off a floating lantern( 9/5/15)

81. Watch a sunrise (November 2016)

82. Get my nails done (I always just do them myself!) 

83. Go one month without shopping (10.07.15-11.07.15) 

84. Try 5 new foods ( 5/5- shark, calamari, quesito, fronut, naan)

85. Meet someone who inspires me 

86. Vote in an election (totally dropped the ball on this one and was not able to sign up to vote in time since I   go to school in a different state!) 
87. See a shooting star (8/12/15) (9/24/16)
88. Buy a monogrammed baseball hat
89. Buy a Diptyque candle  
90. Buy fresh flowers for myself just because
91. Invest in a high end piece (makeup or fashion)
92. Collect 2 coffee table books
93. Find a go to lip color
94. Find my signature scent 

95. Organize my bathroom cabinet

96. Use up most of my BBW products (too many lotions and sprays over here…) 

97.Get rid of 10 things without replacing them 

98.Get rid of old magazines
99. Come up with 101 things ( this was very challenging!)
100. Finish this list
101.  Make a new list for the next 1001 days!

Check back soon to see what else I can get crossed off! Also link any bucket lists/ 101 in 1001 lists that you have in the comments so I can read them too!

xo, Scarlett