20 Things I Am Grateful For

Recently I posted about how I keep a gratitude journal and why I believe you should too. Since today is my 20th birthday, I wanted to reflect and share 20 things I am thankful for.


1. My friends- God has brought some amazing people into my life and I am so glad to have friends that care about me no matter what.

2. My family

3. My cats (and cats in general 😏)

4. Technology

5. My college- my life would be so different if I had chosen a different school!

6. Traveling

7. Good food

8. This blog and all of my readers!

9. Good music

10. Books that are so good that I have to read them in one day

11. Movie nights with friends

12. The ability to explore new places in Michigan

13. All of the seasons, but especially fall

14. Cameras- because they capture memories I might otherwise forget

15. Comfy beds and naps

16. Social media- it allows me to keep up with old friends easier

17. My health

18. Shoes that are cute and comfortable

19. My job

20. Sunshine

What are you thankful for? Share one thing in the comment below!
xo, Scarlett