How To Make Your Hunter Boots Look Brand New

Before I went back to school, I decided I needed to clean my Hunters and make them look a bit better. After a year and a half they were starting to look a bit dull from the blooming. I have some of the Hunter boots cleaning spray, but after neglecting to clean them for months, they were pretty bad. The spray was helping, but it was taking a long time and it didn’t seem to be getting all the white from the blooming off. So naturally I turned to Pinterest to see what else I could do. I found that olive oil seemed to be something that had worked for many people, so I tested it out. And guess what? It actually works!


-olive oil
-old rag/ t shirt

It is super easy and just takes a little bit of time. First you need to wipe down your boots with water to get any dirt off. Then you pour a tiny bit of olive oil into a dish and then dip your rag in it. Next you should rub the oil onto your boots in small circular motions. I recommend starting out with a little and using a bit more oil if needed. And it isn’t a big deal if you get too much oil on the boots because it will absorb into them.

Just remember never to put cleaner or oil of any kind on the bottom of your boots or else it could make them slippery.

Here you can see the difference. I haven’t done the boot on the left yet, and as you can see it looks a little dusty and has the white film over the red. But the one on the right looks clean and shiny after it has been cleaned with the oil!

How do you keep your boots clean? Share in the comments!
xo, Scarlett