7 Things To Do At The Beginning Of Each Month

With September quickly approaching, I wanted to share some things you could do at the beginning of the month to help your days go smoother and turn September into a great month!

update your planner-
Write in all upcoming assignments, events, etc at the beginning of the month  so you don’t forget anything. Ideally everything will already be written in, but take a few moments to look it over and remind yourself of what is coming up!

monthly to do list-
Sometimes you know you want to do something in the upcoming weeks, like a specific project or cleaning out a specific drawer. But you don’t necessarily want to write it on your daily to do list. Try making a master to do list of bigger/ more broad projects that you want to accomplish this month and try to do one or two things off of it every week.

make plans with friends and family-
How many times have you said “we need to get together soon!” to someone but then failed to follow through? It happens. Life gets in the way and catching up with friends can get pushed to the back burner. But if you make plans at the beginning of the month you will be way more likely to follow through and keep up with all of your friends! Plus making plans to hangout with a good friend on a Tuesday night can give you something to look forward to at the beginning of the week.

upload and delete photos off your phone-
I am so guilty of going months and months without uploading pictures and deleting them. But if you go through and upload at the beginning of each month then you won’t lose a years worth of memories if something happens to your phone!

make note of upcoming birthdays-
We all know that feeling of looking at the calendar and realizing someone’s birthday is the next day. But by looking at the beginning of the month, you can plan ahead and purchase cards and gifts accordingly.

wash towels/ change sheets-
In an ideal world these would be washed every week or two. But it is so easy to lose track of when you last washed them until they start to smell a little funky. So instead of letting that happen, be sure to wash them at the beginning of every month, and maybe a time or two in between if you think of it!

clear one day on your calendar-
One problem with planning out your whole month is that you can get burned out if you plan too much in. Be sure to set aside a day, even a Saturday, where you can sleep in, read a book, or just watch movies all day. It is so important to do stuff you love and set aside time to just relax.

What do you do at the beginning of each month to prepare for the upcoming weeks? Share in the comments below!
xo, Scarlett