What NOT To Bring To College

If you are going to college in the fall, you might see all these lists floating around Pinterest that include things you NEED to bring. But you are moving into a small dorm room and will not have enough room for everything you will want to bring. So I wanted to make a list of things that I did not need my freshman year so you can learn from my mistakes and save time and space!

1. Heels
For the most part, you will not be wearing fancy shoes as often as you think you will. You might assume that you will be wearing them to every party or event, but honestly that is not true. I recommend bringing just a few of your favorite pairs, but if you have some that are uncomfortable or not your favorite, I would leave them at home. And don’t forget that if you live in a dorm you will have dozens of friends who you can always borrow clothes and shoes from!

2. Printer
Some people bring their own printer to school, but I find this very unnecessary. My school allows you to print a certain number of pages per semester through the campus printers, and they have them all over campus. Yes, they can be a pain, but buying your own printing stuff is also a pain.

3. Multiple body lotions/ perfumes
I have quite a lot of lotions and sprays and such that I have accumulated and not used up over the years. I ended up bringing a few of each to school, but halfway through the year I took almost all of them back home because I wasn’t using them. I find it is nice to have 2-3 to switch between, but you won’t use up all of them and they just take up space. Limiting those and cosmetics will save you a lot of space!

4. Drinkware
I know… I know. We all love cute water bottles, tumblers, and mugs. But you honestly only need about 2 of each. I found that 2-3 mugs, 2 water bottles, and 1 travel mug worked best for me! I brought a tumbler or two at the beginning of the year, but I found myself just using water bottles for my water because they can just sit in my backpack and are easier! Sure, your room will look cuter with 10 adorable mugs lined up on a shelf, but the reality is you will not use that many and you probably won’t have the space to store them.

5. Many bags/purses
When I am on campus, I just carry my backpack everywhere and there is no need for a purse. I would say bring a clutch or two, a few cross body/ average sized purses, and one tote. I brought quite a few just normal purses because when I am not at school I use them everyday. But I found myself just taking my backpack or tote with me even if I left campus and only used a few purses.

6. Oversized supplies
The giant box of Clorox wipes or bottle of shampoo might look appealing because you won’t have to shop as often, but if it very difficult to store large items in a dorm. I recommend just buying a normal size and restocking if you need to!

If you have already been to college, what would you recommend leaving at home? Share in the comments!
xo, Scarlett