Baseball Hat Wishlist

Is it a hot day and you want to keep the sun out of your face? Baseball hat. Is your hair not looking quite its best? Baseball hat. Do you want to spice up your daily summer uniform of a t-shirt and running shorts? Baseball hat. 

Recently I have found myself reaching for my monogrammed baseball hat more and more and I have realized that I should probably add another hat or two into my rotation. So I have been searching Pinterest (what a surprise) for inspiration. Today I wanted to share my favorites with you! 

First I am sharing 4 hats that are from brands that you have probably heard of. They are about $30-$40, depending on which one you go with. That isn’t too bad, if you are planning on wearing it a lot! 

lobster / black lab / vineyard vines whale / ralph lauren  

Next I found an Etsy shop that sells embroidered hats for less than $20. Some are pretty similar to the ones above, and some of them are even more unique and cute, like the koala bear! 

This black lab hat is very similar to one of the Harding Lane hats shown above, but about half the price! 


Koala bears are one of my favorite animals, so the fact that this shop offers not one, but TWO different koala bear options is the best! 

It is no secret that I also love cats, so I was amazed at how many different cat options this shop offered. This was my favorite because it reminded me of the black lab hats but in cat form for all of us cat lovers! 

black lab / koala / gray cat

For those of you wondering, my monogrammed hat is from Marley Lilly and I really like it! The monogram is a great quality, but that is no surprise because all of Marley Lilly’s items seem to be. I believe that a monogrammed baseball hat is a staple for almost every girl’s closet, so if you don’t have one you should pick one up soon. They are also currently under $20 at Marley Lilly, so shop now!

Do you own any baseball hats? Where is your favorite one from? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett