Freshman Dorm Room

Here we are… just a few short weeks from the end of the school year and I realized I haven’t shared much about my room with you yet! My roommate and I ended up having similar styles, so our room is pretty put together and we have gotten endless compliments from strangers walking down the hall saying they liked it. For the sake of my roommates privacy, I didn’t photograph her bed/desk area or closet. But you can see that her bed is lofted even higher than mine, and it is on the other side of my desk.

First off, I live in a dorm that is suite style, which I definitely prefer! Then I share my side of the suite with my roommate, who is one of my best friends at school. 


  If you walk into our room and turn right, my bed is right there. I have my bed lofted with my dresser underneath, as well as my beanbag!

And above my bed I hung a string and used tiny clothes pins to hang pictures. I made all of mine black and white so they would look better together, and I love the way it turned out!

If you turn left when you walk in, you would find my closet. Our closets actually fit a decent amount of clothes, and the shelves at the top are very helpful!

On the wall right beside my closet I keep my necklaces, as well as an occasional hat! (Click here to see how I style my monogrammed baseball hat!)

In the bottom of my closet I keep my laundry bag, suitcase, box with shoes I don’t wear as often and bags I don’t use often, as well as my Hunters!

Then next to my bed is my desk. I don’t usually sit at my desk to do homework, but I do use it for a little bit each day.

I like to hang up cards and postcards as decorations on the board on my desk! I found that it also makes a great place to hang keys or headphones as well.

Here is a closer look at what I keep above my desk. You might remember the adventurers print from this post, or the work hard stay humble print from this post. And last summer I made this canvas to match my bedspread! 

Then on the other side of the room, we have our “living area” with the chair, lamp, and ottoman. We also have window clings that we change every month or so depending on the holiday, and you can see the paintings we have!

A closer look at some of our wall art. The only one I made is the Dorm Sweet Dorm painting on the right! 

 Then if you move left from the chair, we have the door to our bathroom, and then a set of shelves on the other side of that. Our shelves are not always the most organized and photo worthy parts of the room, but I wanted to show you one of mine. 

We also have our cactus, Jamal. We came up with his name in a series of unfortunate events, and it just kind of stuck. He even has his own name badge. And we have Phyllis, Willis, and Danny next to Jamal, who we made at a craft night a few months back. 

Last but certainly not least, we have our favorite rug from Target! We bought this a week into school because lets be honest, dorm carpet is not soft. Now I sit on this rug to do homework, and it helps brighten up the room!

That is all for this post, but if you would like to see more college/dorm related posts, please let me know in the comments!

xo, Scarlett