How To Make Your Own Fun This Summer

The tests and projects are all over. The weather is getting warmer. You seem to have an endless summer stretched out in front of you. But then a week or two passes and you realize you aren’t doing as many fun things as you want to be. In fact, you are spending most of your time working or at home. At college there are so many different things happening all the time that I swear it is impossible to ever be bored. But now that you don’t have other people planning millions of things every week, it can be a bit boring. Today I wanted to compile a list of fun and easy ideas that you and your friends can do to have fun.

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-explore a new park
-go on a picnic
-try your luck at a new outdoor activity like tennis or disc golf
-fly kites
-go to a drive in movie
-go mini-golfing
-take a day trip to a nearby spot such as an amusement park or beach
-find an old cookbook and try out some recipes
-learn a new skill with a friend
-try out blogging or vlogging
-try out a new coffee shop or bakery in town
-go thrift shopping for treasures or something to DIY
-visit a farmer’s market
-hit up a local festival

This summer I am trying to do most of these things and more! I will be sharing my official summer bucket list soon, but I wanted to start out with this. Sometimes it can be hard to remember to reach out to friends, but you would be surprised how grateful your friends will be if you plan a fun night for everyone! Even if it sounds kind of lame in the beginning (a picnic… really?!) it is up to you to make it fun! Whenever I am with my friends it doesn’t really matter what we do because we can always make it fun and memorable!

What do you like to do to have fun with friends in the summer? Share in the comments below!
xo, Scarlett