8 Tips For A Clean Dorm Room

When you live mainly in a single, tiny room, it is important to keep it clean. Throughout the first semester I have found a few things that help me keep my room clean and free of dirt and clutter.

-make your bed-

I will be the first to admit that I don’t do this as often as I should, but it really helps make the room appear more put together and organized.

-use bins/organizers-

Use boxes and organizers to help things look neat and so you know exactly where things are. 

-vacuum weekly-

When you are constantly coming and going, it is easy to track in leaves and dirt. And of course food crumbs and hair are always present as well, but by vacuuming once a week you can keep it clean. 

-dust often-

For some reason my dorm is 10 times dustier than my room at home, so it is important to dust shelves often. 

-make a bathroom cleaning schedule-

I live in a suite, which means that we have our own bathroom attached to our room and our suite mates room. We created a bathroom schedule so one of us cleans it every week, and it has worked out very well! The bathroom stays clean, and I only have to clean about once a month. 

-wash bedding and towels regularly-

This is something that many college kids overlook, but even if they don’t appear to be dirty it is important to keep them clean. Plus who doesn’t love crawling into clean sheets?! 

-keep dishes clean-

It is easy just to let dirty dishes pile up, but it’s important to wash dishes as soon as they are dirty, or within a day or so. Nothing looks worse than having a pile of used dishes on your desk!

-pick up daily-

Even just a pair of shoes and a few notebooks on the floor can make a room look cluttered. Put things back where they belong and your room will look much more put together! 

How do you keep your room clean? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett