My Typical Mondays (Spring 2016)

Recently I have loved getting a glimpse into other bloggers’ days by reading posts where they map about a typical day for them. I decided to write my own so you can see what I am up to, and also so I can look back at this in the future and remember what I was up to at this time in my life.

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8:25- wake up, get ready, and eat a muffin

8:45- walk to class

9:00-11:50- class

12:00-12:30- lunch

12:30-2:20- class

2:20-2:30- walk back to dorm

2:30-3:00- eat a snack and tidy up room

3:00-5:00- work on schoolwork

5:00-5:45- dinner

5:45-8:00- work on schoolwork,  catch up on laundry, etc

8:00-10:00- do homework while watching The Bachelor (basically my whole floor in my dorm gathers in a room on Monday evenings to watch it/ make fun of it lol)

10:00-10:30- SET meeting- I am on the social events team for my floor so we meet together once every week or every other week to plan upcoming events!

10:30-11:00- shower and finish up anything I need to do

11:00-11:30-  read a book, read my Bible, and journal

11:30- sleep!

And that is a typical Monday in my life this semester! Obviously every single week looks different and some Mondays I just end up spending my entire afternoon and evening studying (like last Monday!). My Wednesday schedule is also very similar to this except I don’t watch TV or have a SET meeting, so my evenings are more scattered and not as packed.

What does a typical day for you look like? Share in the comments below!
xo, Scarlett